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Welcome to the North West MAG site. Here you will find information about MAG events and meetings in the North West Region and National news items.

18/9/17 NW MAG looking for volunteers

Once again MAG has been asked to help with the Marshalling of the Hercules Run. A map of the course can be downloaded by clicking HERE

20/8/2017 Blackpool revs up for new Biker event

MAG is pleased to be supporting a brand new family festival inside the Blackpool Winter Gardens celebrating the best of biking and MAG members will receive a 20% discount on entry ! >more

04/08/2017 MAG's Position Statement regarding Motorcycle Crime

MAG has issued a position statement regarding Motorcycle Crime which can be found by following the link >more

02/08/2017 MAG calls for witnesses to MP attack by 'yobs, not bikers'

MAG is appealing for anyone who witnessed the attack on Labour MP Steve McCabe in Birmingham to come forward with information 'for the sake of justice and the reputation of biking.' >more

12/06/2017 Blackpool MAG Rally T-Shirts now available for pre-order

Rally T-Shirts fo this year's Blackpool MAG Rally can be pre-ordered and collected at the Rally by following the link >HERE to the products page

2017_Rally_T-Shirt_Front 2017_Rally_T-Shirt_Back >

08/05/2017 MAG Launches Manifesto For Riders

MAG has launched its manifesto for riders in the run-up to the 2017 General Election. The Motorcycle Action Group has released its 12-point plan – a manifesto for riders – and invited all candidates and parties to share their views in advance of the General Election, scheduled for 8th June 2017. >more

17/03/17  Blackpool MAG Rally Tickets now on sale

Tickets for Blackpool MAG's 20th Rally can now be purchased via the PayPal link below;

Please note that tickets purchased on-line will not be sent out and you should bring your PayPal receipt with you to the rally which will be exchanged for wristbands.
PayPal now CLOSED

24/02/17  MAG meets Motorcycle Crime Reduction group

MAG held a joint session with the Chair of the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group (MCRG), Kevin Howells, at MAG's National Committee meeting on 11th February, 2017, in Warwickshire >more

20/02/2017 NW AGM & Fred Hill Run

Many thanks to all who attended the 13th NW Fred Hill Run and also the NW AGM. Minutes from the meeting will be available soon on this website. All Officers and Reps returned for another year!

3/2/17 Driven to Distraction?

MAG backs tougher measures to discourage irresponsible hand-held mobile phone use whilst operating a vehicle. A survey by the National Roads Policing Intelligence (NRPI) Forum about the ban on mobile phone use while driving has enabled bikers to express their views >more

19/01/2017 Highways England 'streets ahead' on road planning for motorcycles

MAG has attended the latest round of Highways England discussions about the future of the strategic roads network. MAG is making an active contribution to resolving some of the challenges facing powered two-wheelers on our roads. >more

12/01/2017 MAG supports National Pothole Day

MAG is encouraging everyone to support National Pothole Day on Monday 16th January. You can do this by reporting potholes via our new association with >more

23/12/16 Wishing you all a Merry MAG Christmas

MAG the UK's leading voice for riders' rights, ends 2016 by offering a huge 'thank you' to all of its members for their support during the year and wishing them many miles of happy riding in the year ahead >more

08/12/16  Padlock your bike at traffic lights?

MAG has become a very active participant of the UK's Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group, in the light of dangerous developments in bike crime, with one murder in London and repeated assaults on riders by would-be bike thieves. >more

22/11/16 MAG invites 'friends' to say hi at Motorcycle Live

MAG has issued an open invitation to members and friends of the group to visit the group at the MAG stand in Birmingham's NEC >more

11/11/16 MAG in the long haul over campaign to stop tunnel tolls for bikers

MAG has been at the forefront of preventing riders from being charged tolls for using river crossings, on the basis that bikes are an asset for the environment, lowering congestion and providing cheap travel >more

01/11/16 MAG slams Leeds louts

MAG has slammed the 'irresponsible and dangerous behaviour' of 200 antisocial hooligans in Leeds as 'the worst example of behaviour in recent years.'>more

18/10/16 MAG supports the Great North West Motorcycle Festival 2017

MAG has thrown its full support behind a brand new family friendly event to be held at Blackpool's famous Winter Gardens..>more

07/10/16 MAG gets backing over cycle lane issues in London and beyond

MAG has been backed in its calls for a rethink on London's dash for more cycle lanes across the city, as anger over congestion, delays and pollution grows >more

04/10/2016 MAG submits autonomous views to House of Lords

MAG has submitted its views on the development of autonomous vehicle technology to the House of Lords, which has commenced a major review of the science and operation of self-driving vehicles >more

3/10/2016 Hercules Run Success

A big thank you to all who helped Marshall the Hercules Run on Sunday. A message of appreciation has been received from the event organisers commenting on how professionally the road marshalling was conducted. The weather was fantastic and the scenery was beautiful.

26/9/2016 Hercules Run Sunday Oct 2nd

A map of this year's Hercules Charity Run from Preesall to the Tan Hill Inn, can be viewed by clicking the logo below;
Hercules Logo
MAG will once again be road marshalling the event. If you can help out, please get in touch by e-mailing the NW Rep.To download the entry form, please follow the link HERE

29/09/16  MAG enters discussions on Manchester transport policy

MAG has become a contributor in the consultation in Manchester into what the city's transport arrangements should look like in 25 years >more

30/06/2016 Last of the Rally T-shirts

There are still a few sizes left of this years Rally T-shirts and V neck Ladies tops. These can be ordered via the Products Page or can be purchased at this Sunday's Bike Show in Stanley Park.

27/06/2016 Blackpool MAG High Chaperral-ly hailed as a huge success

Blackpool MAG's Rally was one of the best ever this year. Fantastic weather, great bands and party atmosphere. The event will hopefully have made a good profit which will go into MAG's National Fighting Fund.

23/05/2016   Harlow Council gets injunction to stop motor bike gatherings

MAG have been in touch with council this morning, the injunction is to kerb anti-social behaviour not to ban riders from the town. MAG will be putting a formal letter in to the council and police with our concerns and will keep you updated. To read the story in full please click on the link HERE to go to the article which has been posted on the Harlow Council's web-site.

10/05/2016   May Edition of Network

The May edition of MAG's Activists publication can be accessed by following the link HERE.

02/02/2016   Blackpool MAG Rally Tickets now on sale

Tickets for this years fun-filled Blackpool MAG Rally can now be purchase via PayPal by following the link HERE.

28/11/2015 Pathways to Progress Campaign for Greater Manchester 2015-2016

Below is a link to a letter written By Steve Blay, the Salford MAG Representative. Please click on the link HERE to download the letter and distribute.

Archive news items can be found by clicking HERE

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