North West Region Annual General Meeting 2010

Motorcycle Action Group

Charles Napier Public House, Blackburn

Sunday 21st November 2010.


Tony Cox (NW Rep), Alison Cox (NW Secretary), Bill Green (Red Rose MAG/NW Political Officer), Gillian Beautyman, Danny Tunnicliff, Bishop Michael, Peter Wilson, Rebecca Knight, Jimmy Hargreaves, Pete Howarth, Bob Towers, Jimmy Torrance, Michael Iddon, Don Glover (Liverpool Area),Gordon Wheatcroft Ian Mutch (MAG President & Editor of ‘Road’ Magazine - Observer


Tony and Sue Edmondson

Meeting Commenced – 2pm

Tony opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and inviting Bill Green to act as chair and Ian Mutch as Observer and Guest speaker. Everyone was supplied with a copy of last year’s AGM minutes and asked if they had any comments. The minutes were accepted as a true account of the meeting.

Regional Rep’s Report – (Tony Cox)

(Report Enclosed Separately)

After this hefty report we agreed that Tony deserved thanks for his hard work.

Regional Accounts report.

As in previous years, the regional accounts carried very few entries; these were mainly connected to the Blackpool MAG rally and the regional AGM. Tony has again also kept costs down by carefully using private printing facilities rather than a commercial copy shop. It was noted again that the proceeds from the Blackpool rally go straight to Central office instead of being paid into the regional account first, an arrangement, which works well since the NW region has no need for a large balance.

Election of Regional Officers

There have been few changes since last year’s AGM :

At present, we have the following Regional Officers:

Tony Cox, Regional Rep and Webmaster

Bill Green, Political Officer / Regional Secretary,

Alison Cox - Regional Secretary and Treasurer.

Guest Speaker – Ian Mutch

‘El Presidente’ spoke of business at MAG Central. Also told of a few interesting stories of his trips around various parts of the world.


Any Other Business –

Suggestions for promoting MAG:

There remains a need for more local groups, so that members can keep MAG central informed of any issues in the NW region. It was suggested that an e-mail newsletter could be set up, inviting local members to organise their own meetings rather than waiting for instructions from the Regional Rep.

It was enquired if local businesses could help to increase interest in MAG, possibly by offering free membership with new bike purchases or just by putting up meeting posters. (This has been approached in the past and failed, however, times change, and surely can’t hurt to try again.) There was also a bit of discussion about social networking sites such as Facebook, Bikerbook, National Biker, Twitter etc, where owners’ clubs have their own dedicated pages. NW MAG Sec has set up a page on these sites and target riders with a mixture of social events and political activism? We could also send requests to members of owners’ clubs asking for help with marshalling MAG events, or offering to take the MAG NW stall to their rallies.

Possibly target various groups by Age, (category) i.e. learners etc, clubs, riders branches, issues etc.

Push bike theft issues – Rewards from MAG for info leading to conviction.

Contact places like Donnington to give MAG info.


Future Events:

G-Mex Bike Show – Not going ahead.

Fred Hill Run – (7th run) – 6th Feb 2011

AGC – East Yorks – 9th April 2011

NABD/Thundersprint – 6th May 2011

Blackpool MAG Rally – 24th June 2011

Stanley Park Bike Show, Blackpool – 10th July 2011

Blackpool MAG Halloween Doo – 29th October 2011