Motorcycle Action Group North West Region Annual General Meeting
24th November 2013 1pm
Coast Riders Cafe, Blackpool

1. Welcome-Tony Cox (NW Rep)
Tony welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked those attending for their time. Current serving officers were introduced.
2. Election of Chair of AGM
Bill Green was elected unanimously to chair the meeting.
3. Apologies
Karen Lawrenson
4. Minutes of previous AGM
Minutes were accepted as a true record of the previous AGM (2012).
5. Reps Report
NorthWest Region - Tony Cox
It has been an eventful 12 months. Tony was seconded to a directorship of MAG and has managed to attend all but one directors and national committee meetings. MAG has been represented and promoted at many North West and local events. Tony gave a brief rundown of the events attended with the stall. Tony had a bad accident in February so was out of action for a while but the promotional work continued with other members stepping in for events. The raffle bike has been taken to all big events including those run by MAP. The Birthday Bash was a success thanks to all across the region who helped out. MAG is represented at the North West Motorcycle Alliance meetings.
The North West has done well out of merchandise sales with the 40th anniversary patches and t-shirts selling well.
Most recently a new group formed in Salford.
Wirral MAG (reported by Dave Pearson)
About 6 or so attending regularly. Gordon resigned as rep, Stewart is currently a point of contact but no one has stepped forward to take on the reps role as yet.

Morecambe MAG (Kev)
Most members are also Morecambe And District MCC members also. Over the year Morecambe MAG have represented MAG at various rallies. They helped Marshall the Birthday Bash in Blackpool. The Morecambe Bike Fest wasn't held this year.

* Tony Cox reminded attendees that North West MAG has two stalls which can be use by those wishing/willing to mana promotional stand at an event.

Salford Area MAG

Blaze (rep) fed back news on the new group. The group is developing slowly with a good turnout. The whole wider area is represented. 3 dealers are supporting MAG through discounts of between 10-25%.

Manchester MAG
Jimmy (rep) gave feedback. Progressing as usual. There is a large membership in the area it few turn up to meetings. Jimmy took some of the membership forms to Faro and recruited some new members through this. He supported the event at the Station in Manchester. The relationship between bikers and the police in Manchester is a problem and has dealt with the new PCC. Jimmy then went on to discuss the PCC elections amongst himself. Jimmy also suggested members standing for local government office under the Motorcycle Alliance Party banner.

Red Rose MAG
Bill (rep) gave feedback. Ticking over as usual. Members have supported the region by manning the stand at events. Next year is Red Rose MAGs 10th anniversary and the next Fred Hill Run is also the 10th which is believed to be the longest running Fred Hill Event without a break in the region.

Blackpool Area MAG
Phil (rep) gave feedback. It's been a hectic year and Blackpool Area MAG is still going strong with between 10 and15 regular attenders at meetings. This year we have supported the stand around the region at events. This year Blackpool Area MAG held MAG's 40th Birthday Bash, which was a bigger event than usual. This was a huge success with much thanks to all the MAG members and affiliates across the region who helped out. A couple of weeks later and the Bike Show in Stanley Park was another successful fundraiser. Most recently the Halloween do also did well. Blackpool now have a full complement of officers and are going from strength to strength.

6. Treasurers Report.
Gillian (NW Treasurer (outgoing), Tony Cox presented) was absent and not re standing for office. The accounts presented were a true record. Over £1,000 profit has been made on the anniversary patches alone from the simple yellow design. North West funds are looking healthy and will enable a substantial donation to the fighting fund.

7. Election of Officers

Regional Rep - Tony Cox - elected unanimously
Secretary - Phil McGladdery - elected unanimously
Treasurer - Gail Gibson - elected unanimously
Political Officer - Bill Green - elected unanimously
Affiliated Club Liason - vacant

8. Address from Neil Liversidge (Director MAG UK)
Neil congratulated the elected officers and thanked all for their contribution to MAG. He also thanked the North West for the Birthday Bash which Neil Attended and had a good time and looks forward to next year's.
It has been an eventful year for MAG. The tribunal of the claim against MAG by former employees is looking to go in MAG's favour, but whatever happens MAG will continue as an entity in some form. The vacant positions are now filled with the appointment of Lembit Opik being announced last Friday. Lembit has supported MAG for 15 years from when he was a serving MP.
It has been a tough year and a lot of hard work but MAG is finishing the year stronger than ever. Neil stated that we will win our goals at home then take the fight abroad. MAG is playing a big part in the restructure of FEMA.
Neil thanked everyone for their support and took questions. In response, Neil doesn't know if Lembit still has the phone number for the Cheeky Girl. He gave a brief history of the tribunal case for the benefit of those unaware.

9. Future Events
MAG will be holding a stand at the G-Mex bike show in January and is looking for custom bikes to display. The event flyers are displaying the MAG logo so it looks likes MAG event.
Next year members of MAG are having a memorial run to the Faro Rally in memory of Big "T" who tragically died in an accident on the way there this year. BSH have reserved a number of places for any MAG member who wishes to travel down. Bish asked how Wendy was and a brief update was given.
The stand will be around at events throughout the next twelve months including smaller ones. Tony asked that anyone holding an event emails the flyers to him so he can help publicise the event.

10. AOB
The Highways Agency has asked for MAG's views on the new M60 "smart motorway". The issue was discussed along with "average speed" cameras. The consultation documents can be found online at the Highways Agency website at:

Bus lanes and Parking
This is an issue we need to address in the region. Greater Manchester Council are sticking to the "no bikes in bus lanes" policy until central government says otherwise.
Liverpool is trialling no bus lanes at the present for a twelve month period before reviewing. Whereas there will possibly be a relaxation of the rules in Salford.
In Liverpool there is currently no on-street parking for motorcycles. It is easier to park a car in Liverpool than a motorcycle. This is the opposite of what transport policy dictates. This is due to a new mayor for Liverpool who hates motorcycles.

NorthWest Motorcycle Alliance
Daryl gave a rundown of the Alliances year and current operations. The NWMA is now 2 years old and continues to meet monthly. It is a forum where bike clubs and individuals can come together to discuss events and news. Currently there is no membership fee though a charge of £10 per annum per club has been discussed. There are currently approx. 40 clubs involved with about 20 represented at each meeting which is usually held at a clubhouse as a way of supporting each otherís interests. One pub found that it had taken two months takings on one night (they were happy). There is a Facebook group (closed and those joining will have their profile checked for appropriateness - no spammers) and a page which anyone can subscribe to. The aim of the Alliance is to stop event clashes and promote communication and is working well.

Youth Bikes
Bob promoted the Warrington Wheels competition and proposed that MAG make the £20 donation for a trophy and annual occurrence, plus could we have a ember volunteer to present it. The presentation event is always during a normal school day at a school in Warrington. This year it will be on the 23rd May between 11am and 2 pm. Daryl seconded the motion and it was unanimously agreed that the donation would be a rolling occurrence.

The meeting was asked if MAG has thought of TV advertising. A discussion on media promotion was had with cost being a major barrier to TV campaigns and a major positive for online. Person to person promotion is still felt to be the most effective for recruitment. Also promotion through retail bike outlets.

The meeting closed.