01.    Welcome

Tony Cox (Coxy) welcomed everyone to the meeting.

02.    Election of AGM Chair

Bill Green was elected unanimously.

03.    Apologies

Elaine – Salford Treasurer

04.    Minutes of previous AGM

Minutes were accepted (with one minor name change alteration) as a true record of the previous AGM (2015).

05.    Reps report


Manchester – Jimmy Torrance

Jimmy has been working closely with Blayz on the general issues in the Greater Manchester (GM) area. Unfortunately (as in the majority of GM) the councillors and powers that be are just not interested in any type of consultation.

The group have taken on some new younger members and Jimmy commented that it was encouraging to see younger and lady riders passing their bike tests.


Salford - Blayz

Members signed this year – 7; Renewals – 2; Clubs renewed – 2.

Salford MAG attended the following events – Taliesin Brotherhood bike show in Warrington ; Bike show in Widnes ; HA Manchester American car show with MAG stand ; Mid Life Crisis MCC bike show ; Supported NW MAG stand at Event City ; November auto jumble in aid of Poppy appeal at Rixton ; supported MAG stand at Bulldog Bash.

Blayz (and secretary) attended the Consultations on Trafford Waters, a new urban development opposite the Trafford Centre. It was pointed out that there were no parking facilities for Powered Two Wheelers (PTW). They were assured that they would be incorporated into the design.

Attended the Manchester CCCIP workshop where the vision for the city centre expansion has been revealed. The second workshop has been postponed but Salford MAG will attend when it is held.

As a direct result of the demo held in 2014, a series of meetings have been held with the most influential person in the Transport For Greater Manchester (TFGM), Roger Jones. These have been held Blayz and Leon Mannings and Councillor Jones is now 100% in favour of allowing PTWs in bus lanes. It now just remains to convince the other 7 councillors! Unfortunately, our views on Armadillos have been completely ignored and they are being more widely installed. This, even after they were informed that, down south, an accident has been directly attributed to them.

Letters have been sent to all GM MPs and councillors that sit on the TFGM. We have received a copy of the Pathways to Progress document.

A number of fundraisers were held to provide funds for our first rally at Barton Airport. However, as this now is not going ahead, £460 has been handed over to MAG Central.


Blackpool – Dave Smart (Smartie)

The 18th Blackpool MAG rally was held at a new venue – Fleetwood Rugby Club. The site is a considerable improvement over the last one. It was an outstanding success, turning a previous year’s loss into a healthy profit. The only slight ‘fly in the ointment’ was the restricted use of the site on the Friday night due to a previously booked event. This will not happen this year!

There was also a HellFire Halloween/Bonfire rock night which was its usual success. Deathwish the band had the place rocking!

Once again, the bike show in Stanley Park was a big success in every area. It was the best year ever for number of bikes through the gate. Unfortunately, the weather let us down at the 11th hour. The day started off hot and sunny but mid-afternoon, the heavens opened and drove the majority of the people away.


Red Rose – Bill Green

Red Rose MAG have moved venues from the Charles Napier pub (due to its closure) to the Petre Arms. This has been a massive improvement and the staff of the Petre couldn’t be more welcoming.

There has also been a considerable increase in members (mainly A59ers) which has had a very positive effect.

The 13th Fred Hill Run was organised and it was the best weather ever. Cold but dry and sunny.

The first rock night was held on in February at the Judge Walmsley Hotel in Billington. This was a resounding success and £200 was raised for MAG.


Morecambe - Kev

MAG and Morecambe and District (MAD) MCC are much intertwined. Two new members signed up this year.

A charity event was held to raise money for the Blood Bikes.

There is a family fun day being organised at Lancaster Brewery buy MAG/MAD on the 26th July. There will be bands, attractions and a bike show so any support would be greatly appreciated.

Kev is also attempting to gauge how much interest there would be in Electric 80s rock night.


Liverpool – Alec

Liverpool MAG was formed in the last 12 months and is still a fledgling group.

The biggest problem in Liverpool is the complete lack of designated PTW parking spaces. Representations have been made to the council and they have promised to explore the issue.

A bit of good news. There is to be a new bridge built over the Mersey River. It will be a toll but there are no plans to charge PTWs. This also applies to the current bridge and the Mersey tunnel.

The issue of PTWs in bus lanes is also being pursued.

Nick Sanders is hosting a bike treasure hunt event. The bonus for MAG is that as part of the hunt, one of the clues will mean a mandatory visit to the MAG stand.

Nick Sanders will also be leading the Great Brain Ride charity ride on 30th July from Liverpool to Great Chester Lakes.



No report



No report


NW Report – Coxy

25th February: - NW Alliance meeting, Last Bastion MC Clubhouse, Liverpool.

   A very well attended meeting at the Clubhouse that Last Bastion MC share with Liverpool HAMC

6th March: - Salford MAG Fund Raiser

I went along to support this event which was held to raise money for MAG.

21st.March:- Blackpool MAG First Aid for Motorcycles

It is the third time we have arranged this course which lasts for three years. Brilliant course, would highly recommend it

Wednesday 25th March:-. NW Alliance meeting at Manchester HAMC, Clubhouse

I was asked to chair this meeting. Very well attended, good meeting

28-29th March: - Manchester Event City Motorcycle Show

   This show goes from strength to strength. Supported once again by a loyal gang of MAG volunteers

29th April: - North West Alliance Meeting at Millennium BC Clubhouse Leyland

It was decided that the Shameless sign that has been doing the rounds would be raffled off at the NABD rally with profits being split 50/50 between MAG & NABD.

3rd May Assassins MCC Bike Show, Station Inn, Ashton-Under-Lyne.

   I took the MAG stand down to this show.

4th May:  Salford Demo Ride to TfGM Chairman’s house.-.

   This demo was organised by Salford MAG in order to highlight the issues we are having in Salford and Greater Manchester. The Chair of Transport for Greater Manchester has refused to meet us to discuss and so we decided to go round and see him at his house. He did try to escape off in his car when he saw us arriving but we did manage to stop him at the end of his drive and hand him some information including the press release which had been sent to the local media. All in all a very worthwhile exercise.

7th-10th May:  NABD National Rally, Astle Park

Once again we took the MAG stand to this event

22nd May: - 5th Warrington Wheels Youth Motorcycle Competition

Once again, NW MAG donated a trophy for this event held at Grappenhall School, Warrington.

27th May: - North West Alliance meeting at Avernus MCC clubhouse, Chorley

I attended the meeting along with other NW local group reps.

17th June: - Re-launch of Red Rose MAG, Petre Arms, Whalley, Blackburn.

Following on from a discussion held at the NABD rally last month, it was decided to re-launch Red Rose MAG as it was felt that the group was not going anywhere at its current location. It was a good turnout with many new faces making an appearance and promise of plenty of future activity.

24th June: - North West Alliance Meeting Road Slayers Brotherhood, Salford

I attended the meeting along with other NW local group reps. Gave reports on MAG activities and future events. Good turnout.

25th-28 th June: - Blackpool MAG “Cod Help Us Rally” Fleetwood RUFC.

Very successful and £3k sent down to Central on the back of it.

29th June: - Launch of Liverpool MAG, Old Swan Conservative Club, Liverpool

I went down with a few of the local reps to support the launch of Liverpool MAG. I had approached Alec Hughes a while ago at one of the NW Alliance meetings about starting this group and after some deliberation he agreed and the group has been formed. An enthusiastic bunch turned out on the night and hope that the numbers will increase as MAG needs representation within this city.

5th July: Blackpool Bike Show, Stanley Park.

   It was a record attendance in our 9th Year of holding this annual event. Once again a substantial amount taken on the gate and in products sold which will keep the NW funds going over the next year.

14th July: Launch of Macclesfield MAG, The Cock, Henbury, Cheshire

The launch of Macclesfield MAG was very well attended by local bike groups and other MAG groups. Paul “Winch” Winchester has taken up the mantle in running this group and it seems that he has plenty of support from across the Border into East Midlands and Peak and District MAG.

29th:- July: - North West Alliance Meeting, Devil Disciples Clubhouse, Bury

I attended the meeting and gave reports on MAG activities and future events. Good turnout.

5th-9th August: - Bulldog Bash, Stratford upon Avon

Took MAG National Stand to the Bulldog Bash as MAP were unable to support this year. Was made to feel very welcome, had a prime spot in the Custom Bike Show Big Top. Only picked up a handful of memberships but took a substantial amount in donations.

14-16th August: - Jesters MCC Rally, Whittingham Lancs

Ran the NW MAG stand at this event as well as helping run the rally

6th September: - Taliesin MCC Bike Show, Widnes

Took the NW MAG stand to this event with support from Blackpool and Salford MAG. Good attendance and hoping to get the Taliesin to affiliate to MAG as many are already full members and very supportive.

11th September: - Salford MAG fund raiser at the Duke of York

.Could not attend as had other personnel commitments but reported good turnout and hopefully monies raised.

16th September: - NW Alliance meeting Gypsy Divas, Haslingden

I attended the meeting along with other NW local group reps.

18th – 20th September Spat out of Tsunami

Great to be back in the valley at the Farmyard site. Really chilled out weekend apart from the “poppers” incident. Well done to all involved.

27th September: - MAD MCC & Morecambe Classic Bikes Charity Run

   Helped out with the Road Marshalling of this event. Ran from Morecambe to the Devils Disciples Bike Show in Ramsbottom. Got talking with the members of Morecambe Classics who want to run a bike show on Morecambe Promenade next summer and they are hoping that MAG can help run it with all profits going to MAG. Needs further discussion but sounds good.

4th October: - Hercules Charity Run, Preesall Over Wyre

Once again NW MAG were tasked with organising the Road Marshalling of this annual event which is in its 13th year. The run took 117 bikes 115 miles from Preesall to Brougham Hall Penrith over some of the most beautiful countryside. Very stressful yet enjoyable day. We had help from Blood bikes this year which does help when you have bikes with “blues and twos”.

9th -11th October Mobile Chaos Rally Silverdale

Kev Hyde, the Morecambe MAG rep took the MAG stand to this event and I went to assist. Good Rally and lots of positive feedback.

7th November: - Taliesin Auto jumble, Rixton

MAG were invited to attend this event via the Salford group so took the stand down and ran it with Steve Blay.

7th November: - Blackpool MAG Fancy Dress & Bonfire Party

I got back in time from Rixton to help out with the running of this event. Went very well and made a good profit for the fighting fund.

21st November: - Salford MAG AGM, Duke of York, Eccles

I attended this meeting as observer. Steve Blay returned as local rep and political officer, David (Floyd) Stevens as Chairman, Elaine Blay as Treasurer/Secretary.

25th November: - North West Alliance meeting, Petre Arms, Langho.

It was an excellent turnout. The main discussion was around clash of events and clubs having to work together and respect long standing dates in the calendar. Website based calendar now in use and is being kept up to date.

4th December: - Salford MAG Fundraiser, Wangies Bar, Eccles.

I went along to support this event. It was great to see the level of support from local MCCs and MCs. Very successful night with money being raised for MAG funds.

22nd January: - Meeting with Blackpool Honda

I arranged a meeting with the sales manager of Blackpool Honda to discuss the franchise giving away free MAG memberships with bike sales and training courses. All seemed to be going well until I mentioned that MAG would be requiring £16 to cover the maintenance of the membership. I get the feeling that he thought that it would be costing them nothing?

28th January: - North West Alliance Meeting, Avernus MCC, Chorley

It was a very good attendance. Signed up the Gypsy Divas MCC on the night which was a bonus!

14th February 12th Fred Hill Run

Fantastic weather, good turnout and inspiring speech at Blackburn Cathedral by Bill

20th February Red Rose Rock Night

Red Rose MAG hosted their re-launch Rock night which is big success


Other points:

Last year saw the launch of Liverpool & Macclesfield Groups plus the re-launch of Red Rose MAG. The NW now has more local groups than any other region.

The NW donated £2000 to Central funds which cleared the NW account out and I then closed it down as we were getting a terrible service from RBS. The NW can manage without an account for now as the main money earner, Blackpool MAG, has its own account and any donations from the rally will be sent directly from there. I will manage the NW accounts on a cash basis for now unless instructed otherwise?

Blackpool MAG rally went well this year donating £3k to Central funds and the Bike Show which is classed as a NW event was also run exclusively by members of Blackpool MAG and this was also a great success.

Stu from Wirral MAG is trying to organise a Rock Night to help publicise the group’s presence and raise some funds.

I am still very busy trying to coordinate modifications to the new web-site and upgrade of our IT systems as well as supporting other events.

   Salford MAG now have a dedicated contact at Salford Council who is to be the Motorcycle Liaison between Salford MAG and the other Traffic & Road services. Leon Mannings attended a meeting alongside Steve Blay from Salford MAG during the afternoon of the 25th November with key transport policy influencer Cllr Roger Jones. Jones is prepared to go on record saying that he supports the idea of motorbike access to all bus lanes in Greater Manchester. More details will be available in Dr Leon Mannings report to the NC.

The planned Salford MAG Rally will not go ahead this year due to building work on the site. Pete Walker kindly visited the site a few weeks ago and has given a glowing report of the site.

Liverpool MAG are planning a joint weekend event next year along with “Bikers for Neurology” on the last weekend of July 2016. I will be helping out wherever possible with stalls, t-shirts patches etc.

Macclesfield MAG are looking at setting up their own web-site and so I have been trying to assist where possible.

John Wilson, member of Morecambe MAG has contacting me in relation to opening up the bus lane between Lancaster & Morecambe which we are looking into.

I am keeping the MAG UK and NW MAG sites updated as much as possible but I am also caretaker of the NW Alliance website and Facebook sites and it is difficult keeping everything up-to-date.

The NW donated £2000 to Central funds which cleared the NW account out and I then closed it down as we were getting a terrible service from RBS. The NW can manage without an account for now as the main money earner, Blackpool MAG, has its own account and any donations from the rally will be sent directly from there. I will manage the NW accounts on a cash basis for now unless instructed otherwise?





06.    Treasurers report – Coxy (temporary)

Details of the current financial position were attached to the AGM agenda.

07.    Election of NW regional officers.

Regional Rep – Coxy : Unopposed.

Secretary – Smartie : Unopposed.

Treasurer – Bill : Unopposed.

Political Officer – Bill : Unopposed.

Affiliated Clubs Officer – Blayz : Unopposed.


Address from Oliver (Director MAG)

Oliver thanked Red Rose MAG for their hospitality.

This year there are a number of ‘anniversary’ events so it would be a bonus if as many people could attend as possible – Into the Valley (price still frozen); Yorkshire Pudding; Farmyard Party; Stormin’ The Castle.


08.    Future events

02/03 April     -           Manchester Event City Bike show

09 April                      -           MAG UK AGC, Barnsley Rugby Club

06-08 May                  -           NABD Rally

24-26 June      -           Blackpool MAG High ChapaRally

03 July                        -           NW MAG Bike Show, Blackpool

11-14 Aug                  -           Bulldog Bash (30th); MAG stand

Booking fee waived if ordered before end of March.

            05 Nov                        -           Blackpool Hellfire Bonfire Party

09.    AOB

EU referendum.

There will be a referendum on 23/06 regarding the staying in or not of the UK in the EU. MAG has no official stance on this issue as the organisation is apolitical. However, Brussels are trying to integrate UK bikers with the rules of the rest of Europe. If we leave where do we stand with FEMA? We will still need them and a lot of work has gone on recently to get FEMA back on board with MAG.

Bikes in bus lanes and armadillos.

 Blayz has been liaising with Huddersfield MAG as they have had a lot of success in this area. Basically, armadillos steal valuable road space (1.5m) as well as introducing a physical hazard to ALL road users. A government backed firm (Sustrans) get a payback for every armadillo lane introduced so the fight, as always, comes down to money. The money is allocated at the beginning of the financial year and if not spent, it is taken back. Quite an incentive for the firm! The main way we can influence the decision is by a definite correlation between the armadillos and accidents. One has already been reported from down south. If anybody hears of any incidents please report them.

Putting PTWs in bus lanes definitely reduces accidents as there is less ‘contact’ with other road users.

There is no mileage in organising another demo in the Manchester area as the council (as previously mentioned) just will not listen and local press seem uninterested. Only politics will make any inroads. Things may change when the council is devolved as they will be in charge of bigger budgets. Congestion charges are being considered although there are no plans to bring in ‘no emission’ zones at present.

NW Motorcycle Alliance

The meetings are held at various venues in the last week of each month. The Alliance is going from strength to strength and MAG have a very strong presence. Anybody interested in attending, have a word with your local rep.


10.    Miscellaneous

Points/comments raised in no particular time or importance order.


The Warrington Wheels event will be held on the 27th May. This is an event aimed at younger riders. A vote was taken to allocate £20 of NW MAG funds towards the trophy which is also sponsored by the NWMA. The vote was positively accepted unanimously. Bob asked if somebody could present the trophy and any volunteers on the day would be greatly appreciated.

11.    Meeting closed

Bill closed the meeting at 14.05