North West Regional Report 10th December 2005

16th October - Local Reps meeting held at the Martin Inn, Scarisbrick.

 The main topic on the agenda was the new format of our journal “The Road”, and plans for its distribution around the region. Mixed reaction to the launch, but will see how it goes. Local reps felt that we could have capitalised with a big launch of the new magazine, and felt that the opportunity had been lost.


26th October - Motorcycle Liaison Meeting, Lancashire Police HQ.

          Attended this meeting, arranged by Lancashire Police and Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety, along with representatives from most of the other motorcycle organisations in the NW. We learnt of the planned role out of the “New Bikesafe”, due to be held next Easter Sunday, at a site yet to be determined, but somewhere around North Lancashire/South Cumbria.

We were also informed of a new rider improvement scheme, RIDE, (stands for Riders Improving and Developing their Experience), aimed at helping riders to ride much more safely. The course may be offered in future as an alternative to prosecution for riders who would normally be convicted of careless riding. Previously there was no such course specifically for motorcyclists charged with this offence. I have volunteered to be a “guinea pig” for this project, and will report back on my findings.

Also, we were presented by the findings of a survey that Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety have been gathering data for, by attending various bike meets, and asking bikers to fill in their questionnaires. I disagreed with some of the conclusions that they drew from this, but I will forward on the presentations and minutes of this meeting, once I get a version that I can open.

          There was also talk of a scheme of advanced training for anyone taking direct access. This may become compulsory, but it the first instance; it would be a bronze-gold system, which would be recognised by the insurance companies as a means for discounted policies. Details of the proposed scheme will be given at the next meeting in January. They would like to know MAG’s stand on this issue. My personnel view is that advanced training courses are already available, with associated insurance discounts, and I feel uncomfortable with the “compulsory” aspect of this, but this could be used as part of a compromise in negotiations on future legislation being planned through the 3DDL. 


29-30th November – Bike Show NEC

Helped out on the MAG stall, and had a thoroughly good time. Thought the aim of the stall was achieved in that we were promoting “Rider’s Rights” rather than being conceived as a raffle ticket stall, as in the past.


4-5th November, Liverpool & West Lancs. “Smoke on the Water Rally”

          This was Liverpool & West Lancs. first weekend rally, and although the weather was terrible, a successful rally, and the proceeds from this rally were donated to the MAG Foundation, as we used the charity angle to gain the Village Hall FOC.


6th November, NW AGM, Village Hall, Scarisbrick.

          This followed on from the rally. All NW officers kept their respective positions, including myself as Regional Rep. NW Fred Hill run planned again this year for 12th Feb.. Decided to send £1500 down to MAG Central, from regional funds, which has left us very little in regional funds, but events planned over the Christmas period should boost the coffers. Many thanks to Paul Turner, Cumbria RR, for coming down to act as NC Observer


That’s all folks!

Tony NW Rep.