NW Regional Report April/May 2006


16th April RideSafe BackSafe (RSBS) Event Morecambe.

            Took the MAG stall to this event, which was put on to promote this safety campaign to the motorcycling community. This project is the creation of Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety., Lancashire County Council and Lancashire Constabulary. This initiative has come about due to the large increase in PTW fatalities across the region, and it is hoped that this trend can be reversed by education rather than legislation.  Not a massive turnout on the promenade at Morecambe, but quite a lot of bikers calling in during the day. Plenty of interest in the stall and picked up a few new memberships.


18th April Local Reps meeting, Martin Inn, Scarisbrick.

            Held on a Tuesday for a change. Coincided with Liverpool & West Lancs normal meeting night, so was good to meet the local members. Much of the discussion was based on the recent AGC, and decisions that had been made at that. I asked for more support from the local reps, as I am struggling to keep up with all the commitments. Offers of support were given, and gratefully received. It was decided that future meetings would be held on a Tuesday, so as not to interfere with weekend activities. General feeling was that MAG is gaining momentum across the region.


25th April RSBS Meeting, Police HQ Hutton

            Attended this along with Blackpool MAG Rep, Andrew King (AKA Woolly). The meeting was mainly to discuss the recent launch event in Morecambe, which on the whole was a success. Police reports around the region showed a significant reduction in PTW fatalities so far this year, which was an encouraging sign. Hopefully the RSBS project, which has been going since October last year, has contributed towards this. Plans were made to hold a summer event, at which MAG will again be invited to attend. 


7th May Thundersprint, Northwich

            Once again we were in attendance with the MAG stall, and helping out with the marshalling on the day, so as to negate the charges relating to the stalls pitch. Estimated that 100,000 in attendance at this classic race event. Distributed hundreds of back copies of  “Road” and picked up quite a few members. Sold a bit of merchandise and had a thoroughly enjoyable, but very long and tiring day. Many thanks to the members (and non-members) who helped out on the day


12th-14th May NABD

            Once again, took the MAG stall down to this wonderful rally. Had quite a bit of help over the weekend, so got chance to let what hair I’ve got left, down a bit. Took 31 memberships, quite a few of these were renewals, but nearly all the renewals were well out of date, so makes you think that if the stall hadn’t have been there they might have never renewed. Makes it all seem worthwhile….!


24th May Launch R.I.D.E.(Rider Improvement by Development and Education), Leyland Golf Club

            Attended the launch of this new scheme in the region which will offer riders who are charged with careless riding, an alternative to 6 points and up to £1000 fine. This involves paying a couple of hundred and going on a 2 day course. I volunteered to be a guinea pig on a pilot scheme last month, and found the course excellent. Having ridden for umpteen years, I was amazed at how much benefit I got from the course, which I can still fell now in my day-to-day riding. Just a pity it is now only available to offenders. The good news is that it may soon be adopted by a number of other regions.


26th-28th May Red Rose MAG ran stall at Accrington MCC Rally

            Red Rose kindly offered to run the stall at this event, so I got a weekend off. Poor weather dampened things, but still picked up a few new members and a few renewals. The stall was well appreciated by the rally organisers who are an affiliated club, and promote MAG enthusiastically at all their events.


30th May RSBS Forum meeting at Police HQ Hutton.

            Getting to be a regular monthly meeting to keep in touch with the progress of this scheme, and to get related information from the different authorities/organisations involved. Reports of two PTW fatalities in the region was a bit of a negative start to the meeting, but the figures are still well below what they were this time last year.

 I had a personal rant to the Police representatives in attendance about mobile phone usage by car drivers, and was informed that Lancashire Police are about to launch a new campaign to combat this, which will be firstly a warning, and then a £30 fine if caught again. The penalty could soon be going up to 3 points & £60 fine. I have a personal gripe against this offence, having nearly being taken out recently by a driver turning right without indicating, steering with his elbow, changing gear with his left hand, and chatting away on his mobile with his right hand.

We got official conformation that the Rossendale Bike Show is cancelled this year, due to major re-development in Rawtenstall Town Centre. BMF are planning on putting a smaller event on the same weekend in St Annes, and I may offer MAG’s contribution to the event, as I am getting on very well with the BMF NW Rep., and the event is just round the corner from my house!


 2nd June-8th June I.O.M. TTs.

            The plan was to have the MAG stall at the Streetfighter Challenge 4th June, and the Ramsey Sprint 6th June this year, but as this goes to press major problems with supporting this event as we should have been loading up Woolly’s van tomorrow for the trip across, but due to personal reasons, he may not be able to go, so I am frantically trying to work out a plan B… C,D &E. Will give an update at the NC next week.



Will be offline from tomorrow for about a week, but see you all at the NC. Will be down at the Number 7 Friday night if anyone fancies a jar?