NW Regional Report June/July 2006


3-7th June, Isle of Man TT Races

            Took the 3m x 3m MAG stand to the Streetfighter Challenge at Ramsey on “Mad Sunday”, and to the Ramsey Sprint on the Tuesday of race week. Generated a lot of interest with plenty of new and re-newed memberships. Lots of people saying how good it was to see the presence of MAG back at the TT’s.  Got to meet a few of the resident members, which has resulted in a strong possibility of getting Manx MAG up and running again. We were given a load of Manx MAG merchandise to sell on the stand, and a combination of this, and funds already in the account, resulted in a cheque for £550 being written for MAG UK.

            On the race days, distributed hundreds of back issues of “The Road” around the TT course at the popular viewing locations, along with copies of MCM.

In general, I consider this to have been a very successful venture, and have provisionally booked for next year, with the hope of getting some MAG Sport banners visible around the course.


16th-17th June, Farmyard Party

            Just attended as a punter, but still managed to get involved in some sort of interview that Pete Walker dragged me into about the flood last year & the new site. Still not sure what that was all about??


20th June, Local Reps Meeting, Martin Inn, Scarisbrick.

            Another successful meeting, and plenty of enthusiasium around the region. Plenty of discussion about Hein Gericke using MAG to name their products magazine. Liverpool & West Lancs Rep. Billy Downs has stood down as Local Rep, the position being taken by Alan Chester.


23-25th June, “Fun & Frolics on the Fylde”

            This rally in its new guise is going from strength to strength. Sold out again at +350. The fantastic weather helped, and the ride-out along Blackpool Prom was well attended and the Police even assisted this year, for the first time. £2000 raised for the fighting fund, with a further £500 being raised for charity at the rally site, and over £1000 being raised by Whitworth Warriors for Pendlebury Children’s Home on the ride out.


27th June, Ridesafe Backsafe meeting, Police HQ, Hutton

            Couldn’t make this myself, due to work commitments, but Andrew King from B’pool MAG, and Bill Green from Red Rose MAG went along. Not to happy with the way this initiative is going, as one of the topics of discussion was compulsory type approved clothing, which the police seem to be suggesting. The web site that has been set up is also describing MAG, along with a number of other organisations as their partners, which I am also not too happy about. It may be time to think about taking a step backwards on this one, but open to suggestions?


1st July, Demo run & Heart of England Rally

            Arranged a couple of meet up points in the NW for the ride down to Brum, and ended up with about 50 bikes joining in. Contacted all the local press & media, but with it being England World Cup day, didn’t get a lot of interest. Thoroughly enjoyable day, and a great rally. (Thanks to Eddy & crew).

10th July, Fylde Motorcycle meet, St Annes.

            After taking the MAG stall down on a few occasions, we decided to try taking just the B’pool MAG banner down, and stringing it across the back of a couple of bikes. Got a good reaction, with plenty of bikers coming up to enquire about MAG, buy patches and badges, and taking away back issues of Road and membership forms.


12th July, Knott End Bikers Night, Fleetwood

            After the success of the Fylde night, decided to try the same at Knott End. Weather was not brilliant, but still plenty there to preach to, hopefully reaching a few. Seem to get a good reception turning up on bikes, with the banner, as apposed to turning up with the 3m x 3m stall in a car/van etc. Perhaps we come across as more approachable with the low key set-up?      


16th July, Ridesafe Backsafe Event, Rivington Barn

            Was invited to attend the second event that RSBS have put on. Seemed to be a good way of publicising MAG to a ready made audience so took the bumf along and had a nice day in the sun. Had help from the local reps from Manchester, Red Rose and Blackpool, and picked up a few memberships. Plenty of leaflets and Road magazines got taken, and quite a few membership forms.


19th-26th June, Faro Rally, Portugal

            Decided to give this rally a try this year, and flew the MAG UK flag. Got chatting with a group of MAG members from the Netherlands, who have invited us to their rally, and also met up with a group from MAG Belgium. Bit hot for being under canvas, but a good time was gad by all. Will be riding down with BSH’s lot next year me thinks?


3rd August, Blackpool Boys & Girls Club,

            Blackpool MAG has chosen this charity to support, and £300 of the money raised at the F’in rally was donated to them. The club is a youth club for children with learning difficulties, and we were certainly made to feel at home when we went round to present the cheque, photos to follow. Plans to help out when they arrange days out to Alton Towers etc.


All for now,

See most of you at the weekend?

Tony NW Rep.