10/10/06 RideSafe BackSafe meeting Police HQ Hutton

            Continue to work with Lancashire Police on this initiative. Arrangements being made for Fylde Fairhaven event next year, and a magazine is planned to promote the work of the forum and future events. The next meeting, which is 5th December, is supposed to broach the subject of compulsory type approved clothing? Should be interesting if they expect me as MAG rep to support this initiative?


17/10/06 Local Reps Meeting

            Need to find a replacement rep for Liverpool & West Lancs., as the volunteer who took over lasted less that a month and the group is now leaderless. Also need a new local rep to take over in Chester and Wirral, but hope to have an ex-BMF rep line up for this one.


5/10/06 NW AGM

            The AGM followed a very successful “Smoke on the Water” rally.  Only a handful stayed behind for the AGM, but that sums up the level of enthusiasm within the NW. It does get a bit demoralizing to have the second largest region in the UK w.r.t. membership, and yet only a handful can be bothered to attend. No one else prepared to stand for any of the regional positions, so myself and committee voted back in on mass. After the profit from the weekend’s rally and Blackpool MAG’s rally were added to the regional funds, it was decided to send a cheque for £2000 down to central for the “fighting fund”. Many thanks to Ian Cook, NE rep, for coming over to observe.


30/11/06 Funeral of member of the Moddey Dhoo MCC

            Went over to the IOM with other members of Blackpool MAG to attend the funeral of John “T-Bag” Hughes, killed on the Island by a half-blind 67 year old women, who mistook the twin headlights on his Kawasaki to be a car in the distance, and so pulled out to overtake, causing a head on impact of 120 mph. The attendance of B’Mag was much appreciated by John’s family and local bikers. Got really good relationship growing with the Moddeys and hope soon to get them affiliated, although this visit was not the time and place.


Liverpool Parking

            Still a big issue within the NW. Trying to get a meeting organised with Liverpool City Council Highways Management, who are responsible for enforcing the ban on PTW’s from the pay & display booths within the City Centre. Bikes that have been parking on pavement areas for years, with no complaints, and not causing an obstruction are also now getting ticketed. It is now easier to park a car within the city centre than a bike??



            Bought myself quite tidy transit van to help with my future ventures, and also to use at the MAG events next year. Had some MAG signs made (Picture attached) so give me a wave if you see me about!


E-mail Address

            I have spent quite a bit of time and effort re-configuring my e-mail address so that the return address is my regional one, rather than my personnel one. I have had to use Microsoft Outlook to do this as AOL software does not seem capable. Also, now able to send mass e-mails without my account getting suspended each time. I can pass on info to anyone else who may be having similar problems with AOL?


See you all at weekend?