NW Report Feb-Mar07


11th Feb: - Fred Hill Run, Blackburn Cathedral.

            Another successful NW Fred Hill Run. This event goes from strength to strength. Weather was fine for a change, and we got a good turn out. Also got good coverage this year in the local papers, largely due to two of the Red Rose MAG members, Martin & Chris, having there son Forrest christened after the event back at the groups meeting place, the Charles Napier Public House, Blackburn.


11th Feb: - Local reps meeting, Charles Napier, Blackburn

            We have decided to alternate the location of this meeting to different local groups meeting venues, and this month, it was the turn of Red Rose MAG. It also made sense to have the meeting after the Fred Hill Run. Main point of discussion at this meeting was to purchase our own MAG Stall for use within the NW at various events. Everybody at the meeting agreed to go ahead and buy the unit.

One other notable point of the meeting was raised by Mike Card, who had noticed that the motorcycle bays in two Crewe car parks, which had been provided by the local council, have now been taken over by a number of ornamental plant holders. When questioned, a council spokesman said that they had not been used sufficiently to justify their existence. Take heed, use it or lose it !!


15th February: - Rally Committee Meeting Admiral Gardens, Blackpool

            Concerns raised over building work at the site may affect the rally. Already concluded that the bonfire will have to cancelled this year, but will have a large wood burner instead. Apart from that, the site field is looking better than ever, and tickets are already selling fast for the event 22-24th June.


16th February: - Interview for Scrapheap Challenge Lime Street Station, Liverpool.

            Went down with the other members of the “Mad MAG’ers” for this interview with the shows producer. Everything seemed to go well. They had narrowed it down from eighty teams to a shortlist of twenty, from which they needed to pick twelve. A few days later I found out that we had been successful, but Channel 4 said that we had to change our name, as they did not want MAG in it.


21st February: - Meeting with Bishop Michael, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Blackpool.

The meeting was set up to introduce the Bishop to MAG members Wendy & Tony, who will be getting married on the weekend of the Blackpool MAG Rally, and have requested that Bishop Michael perform the ceremony at the rally site on the Saturday afternoon.


27th February: - RSBS Meeting, Lancashire  Police HQ, Hutton.

Not able to make this meeting as was away testing at Millbrook Proving Ground. Bill Green, local rep for Red Rose MAG stood in for me. Since the RSBS initiative has been going, MAG has had a 100% presence at these meetings, which has been appreciated by the Police and other members of the partnership. We do from time to time get quoted as a safety organisation, which isn’t strictly true, but I let it pass as we are concerned with road safety?



31st March: - Jester’s Rock Night (MAG Affiliated club), Whittingham

            As this is my club, I was involved in the running of this event, and the clear up the next day, as camping was available. A good night was had by all, plenty of different clubs in attendance, with plenty of MAG literature for them to pick up. Most clubs around here are now affiliated to MAG.


1st April: - Wirral Egg Run/Blackpool Egg Run.

            Both egg runs well attended and marshalled by NW MAG members. I was not able to attend either as still clearing up and recovering from the night before.


3rd April: - Filming intro video for Scrapheap Challenge

            Over six hours filming to produce a clip probably lasting five minutes. Managed to get plenty in about MAG, what we are about etc. Hope it doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor. Start filming the first round on 15th May, with the series being shown Jan 08. Look out for “The Dark Riders”, (naff name, but Ch4 decided on it, and in the end, we had no real say)


3rd April (Evening) RideSafe BackSafe Meeting

            Mad rush after filming to get to this meeting. Main topic was the planned event on Sunday 15th April at Fairhaven Lake, Lytham-St-Annes. It is being marketed as “RideSafe Rendezvous” and if it goes well, it will be an annual occasion at this location. Will also be a good opportunity to try out the new NW MAG stall. Blackpool MAG members will be setting the stall up, and I hope to make it back for the start of the event, after a drunken night at the AGC (hic!).

Other items on the agenda was Steve Edwards from Kill Spills detailing his meeting with the DfT. Topics being discussed are a national web-based database for approved clothing, and reduced VAT on the same. Bit nervous that this may be going down the road of compulsory approved clothing?

On a plus there has been a marked decrease in motorcycle KSI figures in the region during the 18 months that the RideSafe BackSafe initiative has been running in the region, which is very encouraging.


6th April: - East Leeds Lions Rally.

            Good excuse to visit this event (not like I needed an excuse) as they are one of MAG’s newest affiliated clubs thanks to the sterling work of our National Clubs Officer (just checking if your reading Ferg!). Excellent rally, great weather, well recommended.


See you all at the weekend