NW Report June-July 07


8-9th June:- MAG Board Meeting & NC Meeting

            Attended both Board & NC Meetings at Rugby


12-16th June:- Semi-finals Scrapheap Challenge

            Competed in semi-finals with the rest of the Blackpool MAG Team.


22-24th June:- Blackpool Mag’s Fird Fun n Frolics on the Fylde Rally

            Help organise and run a very successful rally. Sold out this year and looks like about £3k raised for the fighting fund, although final figures yet to be confirmed. Also another £310 raised for Blackpool Boys n Girls Club.


26-29th June:- Final Scrapheap Challenge

            Managed to get to the final. The series is due to be televised January 2008, so look out for the “Dark Riders”.


12th July:- Collected new logo shirts from supplier in Chorley.

            Had some black polo shirts made up with the new MAG logo embroidered on the front and “Are you passionate enough” printed on the back for £8 +VAT. Quite light material, but getting a sample prepared for August NC meeting of a heavier gauge material for an extra 50p per shirt.


12th July:- Donation to Blackpool Boys and Girls Club.

            Blackpool MAG arranged a presentation night at the club where a cheque for £410 was handed over. This was a combination of monies raised at the Christmas Do, and also at the summer rally.


14th July:- Opening of “125 bikers club” shop in Colne, Burnley.

            Members of Red Rose MAG took the NW’s 3x3m MAG stand to the opening of the shop but unfortunately there had a mix up with the publicity of the event, and hardly anyone was there for the launch.


15th July:- Biker Rally, Stanley Park, Blackpool.

            NW MAG took over the marshalling of this event, as the bike club who were suppose to be helping out let the organisers down. This event was organised by Blackpool Council, and “Friends of Stanley Park” who arranged the groups and the venue, but did not advertise the event very well, and so consequently it was very poorly attended. We ran the MAG stall at the event, and organised the bike parking. The organisers were very grateful for our input and have said that they would like to work together on a bigger and better event next year, which MAG would have more control over the publicity and running of the event.


15th July:- Local Reps Meeting, Stanley Park, Blackpool.

            Took the opportunity of holding a local reps meeting in the park. Main issues in the NW are running of the web-site which I have still to get a volunteer to take this over, Manchester congestion charge which is being monitored by Central, and parking for PTW’s in Liverpool City Centre. Bill Green, the NW Political Office, has volunteered to look into the Liverpool Parking issue.


18th July:- Knott End RideSafe BackSafe Event

            NW MAG were invited to take the stall down to this event, which was held at the café at Knott End, which is a popular biker’s meeting place during the summer months, on a Wednesday night. I took the MAG van down, and set up outside the café. A lot of interest shown and a couple of new members signed up.


22nd July:- Report on Liverpool Parking, Bill Green Red Rose MAG.

            Bill Green visited the City Centre over the weekend, and has put together an excellent report which I have passed on to both Trevor Baird and David Short. It highlights the point the since September last year, LCC are discriminating against riders of PTWs. Certain areas of the City Centre have become no-go areas for these vehicles, as there are no provisions for parking. Leaving your bike in a pay and display bay will incur a £60 fine, even if you have bought a ticket. There are no PTW parking facilities north of Lime Street Station and many of the dedicated parking areas that have been provided by the council are hard to find, secluded and difficult to access.  In summary, it is now far more convenient to visit the city centre in a car than it is on two wheels. Well done Liverpool CC ??


23rd July:- Fylde Coast Bikers Meeting, St Annes.

            Went down to the meeting on the bike and handed out a few leaflets and flyers.


24th July:-  RideSafe BackSafe meeting, Lancashire Police HQ, Hutton, Lancs.

            Going through the design of posters that are going to be displayed around the NW. Mainly aimed at education in relation to suitable clothing, and riding styles. Some interactive signs have already been placed in certain accident hot-spots around the region. Discussions about the meeting at Knott End the previous week, and planning another one for August. I have agreed to display RideSafe BackSafe magnetic signs on the side of the van, if they are provided. PTW rider/pillion fatilities for Jan-June this year are down by 50% in the region on previous year, which is being taken as a very positive sign for the forum. Lancashire is the only region to have seen such a decrease.


28th:-  JulyAugust Speed Awareness course, Centurion House Leyland.

            After being snapped by a Gatso whilst accelerating away from in-between two boy racers at a set of traffic lights in Preston, I was given the choice to go on this course for £80, rather than collecting 3 points and £60 fine. Felt very grieved that I had been convicted for this when I was basically getting out of danger. Must say that the course was quite enjoyable. There were only two of us on bikes, and we got shown a lot of areas around the Blackburn area where the speed limits are very difficult to determine, and got shown a couple o really good un-restricted roads with plenty of nice bends. Left a pile of “Road” magazines and leaflets with the instructors, which they promised they would hand out.


11-12 August:- MAG Board Meeting & NC Meeting

            Attended both Board & NC Meetings at Rugby.


15th August, Local Reps meeting at Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Blackpool.

            I organised the usual post NC local reps meeting, and this time it was the turn of Blackpool MAG to host the get together. It seems like we have lost the Liverpool & West Lancs group. I haven’t given up on this completely yet, and I am still trying to persuade one of the former members to take over running of the group.


22nd August Charity Night Lancashire Air Ambulance, Glasson Dock, Lancaster

            I attended this event which had a guest appearance by John McGuiness. Managed to get to speak to him about joining MAG. He seemed to know little about what we do, and so I left him with some information and also a membership form. I explained to him that if he where to join because he agreed and supported our policies, this would greatly improve my chances of picking up new members at the TT festival. He seems a genuine enough chap and said that he would take the literature away and have a think about it. Fingers crossed!!!


29th August RideSafe BackSafe event at Knott End

            I took the MAG van down to this event at Knott End, Fleetwood, and ran the stall with the help of members from Blackpool MAG. Signed up a couple of new members, and gave away loads of old editions of the Road. The event was well supported but one contentious point of the evening was the decision by the local police division to be out in force with their radar guns, issuing fixed penalties to any speeding bikers on their way to/from the event. Considering that this event is organised by Lancashire Police, the heavy handed approach of the local division did not go down at all well. Once again I found myself questioning whether I wanted to be involved with the RSBS initiative as a MAG representative. More to follow……


31st October-2nd September- WozWolf Rally

I attended rally as a normal punter, but managed to distribute loads of flyers for up and coming events in the NW. Came across some dodgy bearded character that had this strange split personality. One minute he was telling my girlfriend that he was MAG’s Clubs officer, and then in the next breath he was introducing himself as MAG’s Vice Chair. Strange person???


4th September RideSafe BackSafe meeting at Police HQ, Hutton, Preston.

I attended this regular monthly meeting of the forum. A charity night is being arranged with a guest appearance of John McGuiness planned, to raise funds for the NW Air Ambulance. There was also a report on the significant reduction in fatality figures again this year across the region. I have received some magnetic “Think Bike” signs for the MAG van FOC from the RSBS group, which are quite effective.

When it got to the part of the meeting when we discussed the recent event held at Knott End, I informed the forum that many bikers had approached me that night annoyed at the police activities on the roads leading to the event. This turned into a very heated discussion, as one of the police officers at the meeting was on duty that night, and he tried to defend their actions. As it turns out, a lot of questions have been asked at a very high level within the division, and it has been agreed that any police activity on the nights when these events are being held will be very low keyed. This decision may have come too late for a number of the bike dealers who have already withdrawn their support from the RSBS initiative.


21st-23rd September Jesters Rally, Whittingham, Preston

Helped organise and run this rally being a longstanding member of the club, which is MAG affiliated. Used the MAG van as the control point for the rally, and the club members were quite happy with me supplying a couple of hundred old editions of the Road to put into the goody bags of the rally goers. Seemed to be very well accepted and during the clear up on the Sunday, I did not see one discarded issue. Maybe a thought for other MAG/MAG affiliated rallies?


22nd-23rd September Motorcycle Extravaganza, Haydock Park

I could not help out at this due to previously mentioned rally commitments. Bill Green, local Rep for Red Rose MAG, took on the responsibility of running the MAG stall. Reports back indicate that it was a fairly quite event, with only a handful of memberships being taken. Lots of literature distributed and a lot of interest shown with MAG and the re-launch. The organisers of this event also run the G-MEX show in Manchester, so it is important that we support this event in order that we get an invite to run the MAG stall FOC at G-MEX. This has not been confirmed yet, and we need to contact the organisers again in November to see what the situation is.



Will not be able to make the Board or NC meeting this weekend  but Mike Card will be representing the NW. Off to Mobile Chaos Rally (MAG affiliated) at Silverdale and will be taking up some old copies of “The Road” to distribute at the gate, as long as I don’t have to sacrifice too much beer space!!


13th October:- MAG NC Meeting

            Mike Card attended the NC meeting in my absence. I was attending the Mobile Chaos Rally in Silverdale. Mobile Chaos has shown interest in the past at becoming the local MAG group for the Lancaster/Morecambe Area, and I am constantly working on this. They are MAG affiliated and support all the MAG events around the region. Once again I took a load of MAG literature up with me which was well received.


17th October Blackpool Area MAG Meeting Uncle Toms Cabin, Blackpool

            New Secretary Tracy Hough voted in as Bryony Hart, who has been doing an excellent job over the past couple of years has stepped down, due to increased family commitments.


27th October Millennium Rock Night, Preston Grasshoppers

            Attended this event and distributed a pile of MAG literature. It was at this event that I first got bombarded by reports from the funeral in North Wales of Sean, son of Tommy of “Tommy’s Tools”. Attendees at the funeral were appalled when the funeral cortege, hearse and all, were stopped at a roadblock on their way to the wake as there had been reports that some of the motorcyclists had not been wearing helmets on their way to the crematorium. Armed response vehicles, dog handlers and police helicopter in attendance. What a wonderful way of spending tax payer’s money.


7th November Blackpool Area MAG Meeting Uncle Toms Cabin, Blackpool

I used this meeting to get volunteers to help me mail out 500+ letters detailing the NW AGM to be held at Lytham Academy, 15th December 2007. Out of over 860 members on record in the NW, less than 300 e-mail addresses were valid and so we have spent about £150 again doing a mail shot.


14th November  RideSafe BackSafe meeting at Police HQ, Hutton, Preston.

I attended this regular monthly meeting of the forum. Plans are being put in place for a “RideSafe BackSafe Rendezvous” on 13th April 2008. This is the third year that we have been involved in this event, and it is going from strength to strength with next year promising to be bigger than ever. MAG NW are getting involved with a lot of the running of the event, which is to be held at Fairhaven Lake on the Fylde. The RSBS team are estimating 7000+ bikers will pass through the free show on the day!!

MAG NW are also trying to help out with the local radio station, Rock FM’s toy run this year. They need help in distributing the toys that are donated to the station over the Christmas period and I have volunteered to try and get the members to help with this task which looks like it may take place on December 27th.

We were also informed that the team will be presented with a Commendation Certificate by His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent, for our work on behalf of motorcyclists across the North West region. The award will be made at an Annual Awards Luncheon Ceremony at the Savoy Hotel in London on Monday 11th December. For details visit http://tiny.cc/RSBS. Would be good if we could get someone to cover this ?? (Mutchie??)





21st November Blackpool Area MAG Meeting Uncle Toms Cabin, Blackpool

Main agenda was focussed on plans for Christmas Do and NW AGM on 15th December. Steve Wykes has kindly volunteered to observe the AGM. First time we have held it at the Blackpool MAG Rally site, but promises to be a fun occasion.



All for now,