NW Report December-January 08


7th December:- MAG Board Meeting

            Attended the Board meeting, minutes available.


8th December MAG NC Meeting Rugby

            NC Meeting attended on the Saturday, minutes available


15th December NW MAG AGM, Lytham –St-Annes

            A quite AGM as usual and the same faces voted on block back into the same positions. Steve Wykes, RR Scotland, kindly volunteered to be the observer. A guest appearance from Madame Chair was well appreciated.

Region seems to be ticking along ok, but still it is the same half a dozen or so doing all the legwork and could really do with getting a bit more help on a regional basis to keep on top of the pressing issues and commitments. Big issues are still the Liverpool Parking issues and the threatened Manchester Congestion charge.


15th December Blackpool MAG Christmas Do!

            Time to let the hair down (what’s left of it) and party!! Went very well and a couple of hundred quid raised for the fighting fund. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, including our NC observer, and Madame Chair.


3rd-6th January 2008 G-Mex Show, Manchester

            A lot of work went on over Christmas converting some old display boards for this event but was certainly worth while as the stand looked excellent if I say so myself. We signed up around 20 memberships over the weekend at a fairly quite show. Good to communicate with the local members though and made a really good contact with a young chap who works in local government, connected with the Manchester congestion charge. I also got chance to speak to the organisers of the Ramsey Sprint who have offered me free space down on Douglas promenade during the next TT as well as the usual two stints up at Ramsey.


16th January Blackpool MAG AGM

            A few new faces appearing on the committee as a few folk have stood down. Problems with the rally site for next year but we are looking for an alternative venue. Rally committee for 2008 was voted in.


24th January Fun n Frolics Rally 2008 committee meeting

            The meeting was held down at one of the possible venues, Blackpool Rugby Club. After a few rounds of negotiations, we came to an agreement and it looks like the rally will be held there.


25th 27th January, Moddey Dhoos MCC Christmas Party, Jurby IOM.

            As in previous years, Blackpool MAG where invited over for this prodigious party and enjoyed a weekend of fine hospitality. The Moddey Dhoos where actually started by a few members from Manx MAG but there have been a few personality conflicts over the years and the Moddeys are no longer anything to do with MAG, but I am hoping that this will soon change as I am trying to get them to affiliate. I have offered to help out with their bike show at Laxey this year during the TTs and the MDs are coming over to B’pool MAG rally this year on mass, as free guests. I feel that getting the MDs to affiliate will go a long way to getting Manx MAG up and running again.


Planning for “Stanley Park Mototcycle Show” Sunday 13th July 2008

            In between events I have been in contact with a lady from “The Friends of Stanley Park” The Park has recently been awarded a multi-million pound fund for rejuvenation by the Heritage Lottery Fund supported by Blackpool Council, the Friends of Stanley Park and Blackpool Civic Trust. I have been asked as organise an event this summer to attract Bikers to the park. We did this last year, but basically helped out at the last minute because the FOSPs had been let down by the motorcycle group who were suppose to have been running it. This year NW MAG has being given complete control of the event, and we have decided to organise a Motorcycle & Trike show in the park on Sunday 13th July, from 11.00am onwards. There will be a rock band playing in the bandstand (yet to be booked), paid for by the FOSP, trade stalls, refreshments, ice cream & jelly etc……and plenty of sunshine so make a note in your diaries.


All for now & see you at the weekend,

Tony NW MAG Rep.