NW Report Feb-March 08


8thFebruary:- MAG Board Meeting

            I attended the MAG UK board meeting, minutes available on MAG UK web-site. http://www.mag-uk.org


9th February MAG NC Meeting Rugby

            NC Meeting attended on the Saturday, minutes available on MAG UK web-site. http://www.mag-uk.org


10th February NW Fred Hill Run, Blackburn

            I attended the Northwest Fred Hill Run, which was arranged by Red Rose MAG. Plenty in attendance for the ride from the Charles Napier Pub to the Cathedral in Blackburn where Bill Green laid a wreath and said a few words. Bishop Michael was in attendance again and said a prayer before asking for a minutes silence. It was such a lovely day we decided to stick a few marshal jackets on volunteers and set off for a ride around the east Lancashire countryside before back to the pub for some hot soup and grub. Best turn out yet !!


26th February RideSafe BackSafe meeting Police HQ, Hutton Lancs

            The main discussion at this meeting was the up and coming “RideSafe Rendezvous” at Fairhaven Lake, Lytham-St-Annes. NW MAG has offered to help with the marshalling of this event. There was also a lot of discussion about the proposed multi-purpose test centres, and their impact on training centres around the region. Funding for RSBS is still in the balance for next year, but the feeling is that it will be sanctioned due to the remarkable reductions in KSI figures seen across the region.

            We have also been awarded the Prince of Edinburgh Award for Road Safety. This is due to be presented to all the top knobs at some posh award ceremony in London, but a local celebration is planned soon at Police HQ, Hutton, for all us minions that have worked our wot-sits off over the past 4 years getting the initiative up and running. http://www.ridesafebacksafe.co.uk



28th February Fun ‘n Frolics Rally Committee meeting

            New site this year at Blackpool Rugby Club, so lots to organise. Details to follow at http://www.blackpoolmag.co.uk


8th March Board Meeting, Wakefield, N.Yorkshire

            I attended this extra Board meeting to decide on pressing issues. Minutes available, I think? http://www.mag-uk.org


11th March Thundersprint Meeting, Wyvern House, Winsford.

            I attended this meeting as NW MAG marshal  the pits and start/stop gate to the race track every year. Stall prices start at £300 for this one day event on the 15th May in Northwich Town Centre, but MAG get a prime spot F.O.C. due to us agreeing to help with the running of the event.  !0.000+ expected on the day as this is another free event. Details at http://www.thundersprint.com (We also help with the advertising!)


14th March Buy Why MCC  Birthday Party, Chorley RUFC

            I attended this event to which we were invited, “But Y” being a MAG affiliated club. http://www.butwhybc.com


27th March Fun n Frolics Rally Committee meeting

            We had an early meeting whilst there was still plenty of daylight as the new site will need plenty of heras fencing erecting for site security and we needed to measure up. Upped the limit to 500 this year as sold out last year at old site, but get your tickets quick as selling out fast !! http://www.blackpoolmag.co.uk


29th March Jesters MCC (Welcome to the Asylum) Birthday Rock Night, Whittingham Asylum Mental Hospital

            Helped run this event as Jesters are a MAG affiliated club, and also my club J

http://www.whittinghamhospital.co.uk (The walls have ears?) http://jestersmccpreston.co.uk      



8th April RideSafe BackSafe Meeting, Police HQ Hutton, Lancs

            I attended this meeting which was a briefing meeting for planned RideSafe Rendezvous at Fairhaven Lake, Lytham-St-Annes. NW MAG has volunteered to help out with the marshalling and first aid duties.


13th April RideSafe Rendezvous

Took the MAG stall down, and had a really successful day, with cost to MAG zero. Had plenty of helpers, who distributed 400+ old & current editions of “The Road”. Picked up 20+ members, sold a few badges and things, and had a great day on the Fylde socialising with 6000+ bikers. This is a free show, put on by the Ride Safe BackSafe Partnership promoting road safety across the region. We must be doing something right as last years KSI figures in Lancashire showed a 60% drop whereas most other regions across the UK were showing an increase.

 The RSBS team are under no illusion as to why we as MAG are involved as they appreciate that we are not a safety organisation like the other partners, but we all want to see a reduction in KSI figures for motorcyclists, and this policy of “Education not Legislation” seems to be  working.


Rising Moon MCC Rally, Oldham

            A few members from this club came up to the NW AGM at Christmas and asked if we could bring the MAG Stall down to there rally, which we did. Myself and Daz Busby, Blackpool MAG had a fantastic weekend at this small but friendly rally. The club itself has 130 members, and I think they are on the verge of affiliating. It is going to be discussed at their next meeting, but signs are that they will as there whole attitude to us and MAG was great over the weekend. Had a few new members signed up and talked the Rochdale Roadrunners MCC into re-affiliating after clearing up a mix-up over their affiliation fees.  http://www.rmmcc.co.uk



All for now & see you at the weekend,