NW Report June-July 2008



13th June:- MAG Board Meeting- Rugby

            I attended the MAG UK board meeting, minutes available on MAG UK web-site. http://www.mag-uk.org


14th June  MAG NC Meeting - Rugby

            I attended the NC meeting at Rugby, minutes available on MAG UK web-site. http://www.mag-uk.org

17th June RideSafe BackSafe meeting, Police HQ Hutton

            I attended this regular get together of the forum members. There are plenty of associated events being planned for later in the year, which NW MAG will be involved with. We have also been asked to Marshall the Goldwing Light Parade - Promenade Display and bike show on Sunday 21st September. Should be a great event if you can make it? http://www.goldwings.org.uk/

26th-29th June, Forth Fun n Frolics on the Fylde Rally

Helped organise, run and marshal this event at a new site in Blackpool. It went incredibly well with loads of positive feedback from everyone involved. Profits in the region of £4k with £500 raised for charity. The clubs committee were so pleased at how well it was organised and run, they have offered the venue F.O.C for the NW AGM and Blackpool MAG’s Christmas party on 13th December 2008.

2nd July, Submitted plans for next series of Scrapheap Challenge

            Blackpool MAG has been asked to compete in the next series of Scrapheap Challenge. Different format this year as the builds are done at home over a four week period. Due to compete at Blair Castle, Perth over August Bank Holiday weekend, playing golf with a mini basketball in a machine we need to design and build.

13th July, NW MAG Blackpool Bike Show, Stanley Park

            This is the first time we have tried to run this show. A group of volunteers called “The Friends of Stanley Park” who are trying to regenerate local interest in the park offered the venue for free if we could attract people into the park. The weather was good and we had over 200 bikers visit the park over the day, along with plenty of members of the public. Picked up a few new members, distributed plenty of literature and raised a few quid for charity. The FOSP were delighted at how the event was run and have asked us to make this a regular event. We also got coverage in two of the local papers mentioning MAG and Blackpool Police commented that they had never seen so many bikes in the park before, and were impressed at the organisation and marshalling, so a big thanks to all involved.

24th July Filming Scrapheap Challenge build

            A film crew from the production company cam up to film us building our golf buggy. Got loads of info in about MAG but whether they use it or not, we will have to see.


Still busy on with the build so unfortunately will not be able to make the board meeting or NC meeting this weekend