NW Report December-January 2008-9



13th December 2008 NW MAG AGM- Blackpool RUFC

Once again we ran the NW AGM just prior to the Blackpool MAG Christmas Doo!! There was a reasonable turnout and many thanks to Steve Wickes for observing and chairing the meeting. I was re-elected as NW rep and Bill Green was re-elected as Political officer. Tim Norris stood down as Regional Secretary after many years of loyal service and was replaced by Alison Ayrey. Wendy Arrandale was voted in as Regional Treasurer, and Daz Busby will continue as Regional Webmaster.

 Various matters were discussed including the Manchester Congestion Charge which has once again been defeated.


13th December 2008 Blackpool MAG Christmas Party – Blackpool RUFC

            Following on from the NW AGM, Blackpool MAG members hosted a very successful Christmas party. Profits from the event amounted to £300 for MAG and a further £125 was raised for the stroke unit of Blackpool Victoria Hospital.


9th-11th January 2009 National Motorcycle Show - G-MEX Manchester

            Manchester Central (formerly the G-Mex Centre) was once again the setting for the National Motorcycle Show. Over the weekend the NW MAG Stand took numerous new and renewed memberships. Plenty of interest on the stand, helped by the presence of Grobo’s custom Ducati and a visit by TT legend John McGuiness, who is seriously considering supporting the cause and becoming a MAG member.


30th January-1st February 2009 Moddey Dhoos Christmas Party – IOM

I took the MAG van across to the IOM to attend the Moddey Dhoos late Christmas Party. Plenty of MAG members in attendance and the MD’s Chairman has assured me that he will soon be writing a cheque for their affiliation. This will be a major coup for MAG as the MDs are by far, the largest club on the Island.


21st January 2009 Blackpool MAG AGM - Blackpool

            I was asked to chair the AGM which saw Jay Web voted in as the new local rep, and Wendy Arrandale voted in as Blackpool MAG treasurer and Alison Ayrey was voted in as Blackpool MAG Secretary. Daz Busby will continue to be webmaster, doing an excellent job of maintaining the web-site.


8th February 2009 The 5th NW Fred Hill Run -  Blackburn Cathedral.

            There was an excellent turn out for the 5th Fred Hill Run, considering the adverse weather conditions. The ride to Blackburn Cathedral was led by Bishop Michael who also conducted a remembrance ceremony along with Red Rose local rep and NW political Officer, Bill Green. After the service we rode back to the Charles Napier Public House for hot soup and buffet before dashing home to avoid the impending snow storms.


Future events etc……

In between events I have been in contact with “The Friends of Stanley Park” who once again want us to organise and run a Bike Show in Stanley Park, Blackpool on the 12th July 2009. IOM ferry is booked for TT’s once again after getting the blessing of the NC, (and my future wife-to-be)

            I have missed quite a few of the forum meetings with RideSafe BackSafe as their meetings have been conflicting with Blackpool MAG meetings. Lancashire Police have been in touch with me about this and have agreed to re-arrange their meetings so that I can attend in the future as they appreciate MAG’s attendance and viewpoints. Quite chuffed with that one J

We are already starting to plan for the “Fifth Fearless Fun n Frolics Rally” which will be at the same site as last year, Blackpool RUFC 26th-28th June 2009. The size of the clubhouse has been reduced since last year, so we have decided to have a trial run “Rock Night” on Valentines night, 14th February 2009, to see how we cope with band, etc…. Consequently, I will be sneaking off early from the impending NC meeting to get back and help out.


Hope to see you all at the weekend