NW Report February-March 2008-9



3rd April: - MAG Board Meeting

I attended the MAG UK board meeting, minutes available on MAG UK web-site. http://www.mag-uk.org


4th April: - Attended NC & AGC Meeting

NC Meeting and AGC attended on the Saturday, minutes available on MAG UK web-site. http://www.mag-uk.org


19th April:- RideSafe Rendezvous, South Promenade, Blackpool

RideSafe Rendezvous on Blackpool’s South Promenade. Over 6,000 motorcyclists and scooterists attended this dedicated, free one-day show. The event is supported by the Highway Agency, Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety and Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership. Plenty of interest at the stall picking up a few new members from the Blackpool Area who have since started to attend the local group meetings and get involved with the groups activities.


1st -3rd May:- Leyland Eagles Rally, Churchtown, Lancs.

             NW Mag was asked to take the stall to this small local rally. It was a very successful weekend with over a dozen memberships taken and very enjoyable atmosphere.


7-10th May:- NABD Rally, Astle Park, Cheshire.

Once again we were asked to run the MAG stall at the 18th “You’ve been NABD Rally” We always pick up plenty of new & renewed memberships at this rally and this year was no exception. I have noticed, however, some very hostile reactions from some of the traders towards MAG, but believe this is due to issues with MAP not MAG. Will discuss at next NC I attend.


26th May: - Re-Launch of Manchester MAG

            Myself and a number of members from the North of the region went down to give our support at the re-launch of Manchester Mag. Very busy night and very promising for the first meeting. Quite a few new members signed up on the night and plenty of volunteers willing to help Jacqui get the group up and running. They have since had there second meeting with eleven members in attendance.


27th May: -  RideSafe BackSafe Police HQ, Hutton

I went along to this monthly get together. We were mainly discussing the event that was held earlier in the month. There was also quite a long discussion on the new test and consequences of the accidents that have been reported so far.

Steve Edwards was at the meeting and gave an update of the activities of the Kill Spills team. No annual event planned for this year. They are trying to raise £100k for the testing and development of various substances for the removal of diesel from the road surfaces. Initially they are approaching BMF and IAM for donations of £5k each to start the funding. They will then approach the Government to make up the rest. No mention of getting MAG involved. Has anyone at Central been approached over this?