NW Report December/January 2009/10


11th December  Board Meeting, Rugby

I attended the MAG UK board meeting, minutes available on MAG UK web-site. http://www.mag-uk.org


12th December  NC Meeting, Rugby

I attended the MAG UK board meeting, minutes available on MAG UK web-site. http://www.mag-uk.org


16th December RSBS Christmas Social Meeting

I was invited to a meal at the Police HQ Social Cub at Hutton by the RSBS Partnership for an informal meeting of the forum and partnership members. It was a good opportunity to meet some of the Merseyside officers who are now involved with RSBS initiative, plus the bonus of getting a free Christmas Dinner!


9th-10th January National Motorcycle Show, Manchester

I spent most of the Christmas holidays getting everything ready for the National Bike Show which was cancelled at the last minute due to the adverse weather conditions. This has now been re-arranged for 3rd-4th April and I am currently trying to re-arrange support to run the stall over the Easter Weekend


27th January RSBS Forum meeting, Police HQ, Hutton.

Busy making arrangements for the RideSafe Rendezvous event that is planned for April 25th in Blackpool. As a forum member, MAG has a free pitch at this show. Other items for discussion were the release of the latest safety DVD “Joshes Story” and that Cumbria Police Force are now getting involved with the RideSafe BackSafe initiative. Cumbria have traditionally been promoting the Bikesafe scheme.


29th-31st January Moddey Dhoos Late Christmas Party

This was the 4th year I have attended this event. The Moddeys recently affiliated to MAG UK and I have been working with members of the club to publicise the impending changes to the reciprocal health care agreement between the Manx and UK governments This is a perfect opportunity to show that it can be beneficial to Manx residents to be part of MAG UK.


3rd February Blackpool MAG AGM

All the usual suspects voted back into their relevant positions. Items discussed included the setting up of web page highlighting road defects in the area. Members are being encouraged to contact their local MPs as per the RAV initiative. Discussions already getting underway about this year’s “Sixth Sinful Fun n Frolics on the Fylde” Rally, details on the website blackpoolmag.co.uk.


Other News around the Region

            I have been in touch with the organisers of the Wirral Egg Run, 28th March, which promises to be the biggest ever this year, regarding them re-affiliating to MAG. We have a new local rep in the area that is known to them so I am hoping that this will help. I have been busy arranging a NW run down to the Afghan Heroes ride through Wootton Basset, March 14th, and helping to arrange the 6th NW Fred Hill Run which will be going to Blackburn Cathedral on Sunday 14th February




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