NW Report June-July 2011

11th June 2011 NC meeting, Mag central, Warwick

I attended the NC meeting at MAG HQ. Minutes of meeting will be available on MAG UK web-site. http://www.mag-uk.org

14th June RideSafe BackSafe Meeting, Poacher s Inn, Preston.

The RSBS initiative has secured funding from Lancashire, Merseyside, Cumbria and Greater Manchester, but at vastly reduced amounts from previous years. Road Safety GB has also pledged money to keep the group going and so this does now mean that RSBS will reach into Cheshire. There is no planned Rendezvous this year but looking at attending different meets around the region to keep the message alive.

23-26th June; Blackpool MAG Fun n Frolics on the Fylde

The Seventh Saucy Fun n Frolics on the Fylde was the biggest and best yet. This year’s theme was the holiday resort’s very own Betty Boop. For those who fancied a trip into Blackpool, a double-decker bus was on hand during Saturday to ferry folk back and forth. The groups this year was amazing and the weather, although not the usual blistering sunshine, was adequate to keep the party spirits high. Big thanks to all the marshals who came from far and wide to help out this year, and a massive thanks to all who attended and “Booped with Betty”. Around £2k raised this year to help boost the fighting fund.

4th July Firkin in the Field, Longridge, Preston

I took the MAG van to this event, which is more a social get together of biker mates, but always the chance to pick up the odd member or two. I had the Mutchie “You cannot be serious” banner up behind the stage and it provoked plenty of heated debate, fuelled with plenty of alcohol. Plenty of flyers were taken away..

10th July NW MAG Blackpool Bike Show, Stanley Park.

This is the fourth year we have run this show and gets bigger and better every year. Profits to our chosen charity of the year, Vine House Cancer care, but we will have made more for MAG in merchandise sales and memberships. The show was very well attended, excellent PR for MAG and biking in general, and an enjoyable day for all involved.

24th July; 3rd Annual Bikefest and Family Fun Day, Morecambe

I was unable to support the event this year due to attending another affiliated club event, but members of Morecambe & District MCC volunteered to run the NW MAG stall, and from all accounts, it was a very successful event, picking up a few memberships, selling merchandise and distributing loads of materials. MAD MCC members have also volunteered to take the NW MAG stall to another event in the area in a few weeks time that I am unable to support. Just goes to show the real value of the affiliated clubs, which is the point I was trying to make a month or two ago J

26th July; RSBS meeting, Poachers Inn, Preston

A few events were discussed that are coming up soon in the region. I thanked Lancashire Police for erecting “Think Bike” signs around the approach to “The Caveman Bash” rally, run by Millennium MCC, another affiliated club. I had made the request through the RSBS forum and was pleased to see that Lancashire Police Traffic Division was very helpful.
            A MAG member I know has recently been issued with a Section 59 ASBO for overtaking four cars in a line. I asked Lancashire Police if this was common practise. I was told that certain officers would use this option if there was not enough evidence to prosecute for any other road traffic offence. The Biker in question had been captured on the pursuit cars video doing 53mph in a 40mph limit, but not for a long enough period to secure a prosecution and so a Section 59 was issued for riding that may cause alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public. I am trying to follow this one up but would welcome any comments or reports of similar incidence from other regions.

6th August “Stop Discrimination Now” Demo, Blackpool Seafront

This started off as a request via facebook to highlight the tragic death of Sophie Lancaster, a young Goth who was kicked to death whilst trying to protect her boyfriend from a gang of youths. They were attacked basically because they looked different. We decided to show support as bikers who are one of the subcultures in society that suffer daily discrimination both socially and politically.
 The demo went well and whilst the march took place, a number of us on bikes did a slow ride up the promenade. We got a fantastic response and gratitude from the event organisers and Sophie’s Mum, who gave a very emotional speech at the end of the march. Details of the cause can be found at www.sophielancasterfoundation.com

 Other news from around the region

The Manchester Rep, Jax, is moving out of the region and I am hoping that we can find a successor so that the group can stay active.
Not a lot of news of late from Wirral and Chester, and Red Rose is fairly quite, but we all pull together when called for.
As we have no local group in the North of the region, it is great to get the help from MAD MCC in Morecambe and shows that the value of the affiliated club scheme is more that just the fees we receive from them.
I had a request from a newly formed Blackpool MCC, The Roadsters, to attend one of their meetings and talk about MAG. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it, but Chris from Blackpool MAG went along in my place and hopefully the club should have now affiliated. The Lost Souls MCC have also said they will soon be affiliating, once they can get their secretary to send the forms in.
Blackpool MAG are doing well and have a local AGM soon to elect a new local rep. I have been acting as temporary rep for the last year and so this should lessen my workload. At a recent meeting, many concerns were raised about the proposed “Flash” demo runs, and I have been trying to follow up on these concerns. I will discuss more at the NC meeting.
We have been given a free pitch at the Devil Disciples MC North Manchester Bike Show. The DDs were so enraged by what they saw at the FYP in relation to compulsory Day-Glo, they want us to bring our stall to their event so that we can gather support against these proposals. The bike show is the same day as the planned National Demos, so I am hoping that we can combine some of the runs with a ride into the show. There is also a planned Satan Slave MC event taking place that weekend in Blackpool and I am hoping to talk to the organisers about them supporting/publicising our Blackpool Demo at their event.


Tony Cox
NW Regional Rep