NW Report Aug-Sept 2011

13th August: - 2011 NC meeting, Mag central, Warwick

I attended the NC meeting at MAG HQ. Minutes of meeting will be available on MAG UK web-site. http://www.mag-uk.org

14th August:- Accrington Bike Show

Bill Green and members from Red Rose MAG took the stall to this bike show which is held in the centre of Accrington. There has been a lot of turmoil within MAG affiliated Accrington MCC and the newly formed Cogheads MCC, which is made up of ex members of Accrington MCC. The Show was run this year by the Cogheads and went well from all reports. I am hoping soon to get the Cogheads to affiliate.

19th-21st August: - Shadow RC Rally Morecambe

We had the MAG stall at this event for the first time, thanks to the help of Morecambe & District MCC, who transported the stall up to the event and manned it over the weekend. I attended the event on the Saturday and helped out. Interest was high and many enquiries about the forthcoming MAG events.

25th August: - Cheque presentation, Vine House Charity Care.

Members of Blackpool MAG and local affiliated clubs turned out, despite the weather, to present a cheque for £220 to Vine House Cancer Care. Everyone was delighted when long serving MAG member Andy Topping, managed to escape his hospital bed to attend the presentation, on his bike! It is the fantastic care that Andy has been receiving from Vine House that prompted the collections at this year’s Blackpool MAG Fun & Frolics Rally and also at the MAG Blackpool Bike Show in Stanley Park.

28th August: - MAD MCC Charity Ride Donna’s Dream House

Myself and a few of the NW MAG members went to help out with the road marshalling of this event which is an annual bike run organised by Morecambe & District MCC. The day went very well, apart from getting knocked of my bike! About £250 raised on the day for the children’s charity, and excellent PR for MAG.

1st – 5th September:- MAG Stall Stormin’ the Castle

I stepped in to help out at the STC rally as support from MAP & Central was not available for this year’s event. Although hard work, it was a good weekend and with the help of the Kitson and Rachael from NE MAG, we picked up more members than previous years and catered for the needs of the MAG members by issuing £1500 worth of beer tokens and selling plenty of MAG merchandise.

9th September:- Interview on Biker FM

Having met the DJ of the Friday night Streefighter program Kris Myass, at the Blackpool Bike Show earlier this year, I received an invite to be interviewed live on his show to discuss the planned EU Demo runs. After a few initial problems with the phone line, it seemed to go ok and think I got the main points across. The interview is available to download at www.north-west-region.mag-uk.org

16-18th September:- Jesters MCC rally, Whittingham

As well as marshalling this event, I ran the MAG stall and picked up 6 memberships over the weekend. It was a good opportunity to plug the demo runs and got lots of good feedback

25th September:-EU Demo Runs

In general the runs went well with an estimated 2000 bikes taking part across the region. I have spoken to Lancashire Police since the event and they were generally pleased with how it went and grateful of the good communication we had in the lead up to the demo runs.

25th September North Manchester Alliance Bike Show, Ramsbottom

Bill and members of Red Rose MAG took the stall to this new event. It went very well and we had arranged for many of the demo runs to congregate and ride into this show together. Unfortunately, due to the massive numbers many made their separate way to this show, but we still managed to boost the numbers.

26th September;- North Manchester Alliance Meeting, Ramsbottom

 I had been invited to go to previous meetings but had been unable to attend and so I made a point of getting to this one. The meetings are aimed at getting the NW clubs working together and talking to each other about events etc. It is independently run and not directly connected to any one MC or MCC. There were some good points raised at the meeting, some of which I will discuss at the next NC meeting. It will be interesting to see how many clubs get involved with this initiative, and those that are conspicuous by their absence.

30th September:- 2nd interview on Biker FM

I was asked to go on the show again for another live interview to report on how the demo runs had gone on the 25th, and to talk about what happens next. Once again, I think it went well. Thanks to Jon Wilmer, there is now a link to the interview on the NW web-site. I may get to have a regular spot on the Streetfighter show at this rate!

2nd October:-The 10th Hercules Run, Preesall to Newby Bridge.

Once again, NW MAG was asked if we could road marshal this 100+ mile run through three counties taking in some fabulous scenery. The day went well with 117 bikes on the run. We got a many thanks from the organisers and participants and congratulated in the way that the run was handled. I have picked up many members through association with this event and made some good contacts within Lancashire Police.

Other news from around the region

It has been a hectic few months, but very positive. Through contacts made during the lead up to the demo runs, I am hoping that we may have generated a lot more support for Manchester MAG and need to follow this one up as soon as time allows. I have also had a volunteer come forward from the Morecambe area that is willing to take on the role of rep and once again, when time allows I need to act on this one.
            The MA1 jackets that I am having made are selling well and we may soon have enough in the regional funds to buy a new MAG stall as the present one is worn out and propped together with gaffa tape. I am soon hoping to have a products page on the NW web-site and be able to sell goods through this.


Tony Cox
NW Regional Rep