NW Report February-March 2012

11th February: - MAG NC Meeting, Warwick

I attended the NC meeting at MAG HQ. Minutes of meeting will be available on MAG UK web-site. http://www.mag-uk.org

12th February: - The 8th NW Fred Hill Run

Yet another successful Fred Hill run organised by Bill Green & Red Rose MAG. Bishop Michael was back with us this year after missing last year due to bad health. The temperatures the night before were sub-zero so a ride around the lanes after the ceremony at Blackburn cathedral was cancelled in preference to an early return to the pub for food & refreshments.

28th February:- RSBS Meeting, Leyland House, Leyland

The funding of this initiative seems to be improving with contributions from Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cumbria being on the table. There will not be a big promotional event this year, but looking at the possibility of on next year. We will instead concentrate on the smaller events to promote RSBS and I have agreed to act as an ambassador at some of these events, but also use them to promote MAG.

17th-18th March: - Manchester Event City Motorcycle Show

It was the first year this show has been run, and what a fantastic venue. The MAG stand was run by me and local reps from Blackpool, Manchester and Red Rose MAG. We were given a free 6m x 6m pitch which was ideal to try out the new MAG stand which looked fantastic. I was also loaned some wonderful bikes to display on the stand, a Norton Rotary, Hesketh V1000, and of course, the XR650 REPSOL Sprinter Chop of MAG member Grobo. This venue will match the NEC if they manage to get all of the halls filled. This year they used three out of the four available, but it is already booked for the second weekend in March 2013 and hopefully it will become one of the biggest and best bike shows in the UK. Well done to Andrew Greenwood and crew.

25th March: - All day breakfast, Coast Riders Café, Blackpool

I volunteered to attend this as a RSBS representative along with Merseyside Roads Policing Officer Mike Abram to promote the RSBS initiative. I also took some MAG literature and had success in persuading a few there to join up, including a high ranking official of SLAM (South Lakes IAM).

27th-March: - North Manchester Motorcycle Alliance Meeting

            This meeting of NW clubs and groups is going well. The meeting this month discussed many issues including Bike insurance, future events and the Motorcycle Alliance Party which has been set up to contest the Greater Manchester Police Commissioner Elections.


1st April: - Hoghton Tower Motorcycle Sprint

I went to this event to witness the first run of the sprinter chop and also to meet with the organisers. Marshalls North West who runs this event would like MAG to get involved next year, and I have agreed to help out where possible. It is good promotion for MAG and I do not foresee a problem with getting enough volunteers to support. The sprinter chop went well and got into the low 8secs for the 1/8th mile sprint, which was very impressive for its first time out.

Other news from around the region

Blackpool MAG is doing well and numbers at meetings are increasing which is encouraging. A lot of ongoing work for the rally later this year. Red Rose MAG & Manchester MAG are still getting regular attendees at their meetings but numbers are down. I cannot get any response from the new Morecambe group local rep and so I am not sure what is happening up there. I intend popping up to one of their meetings when time allows. Rode down to see Gordon, the Wirral & Chester MAG rep to drop of some literature for a Road Safety Event, Powerbikes 2012 taking place in Warrington the same  weekend as MAG AGC .Gordon will run the MAG stand at this event as he is not able to attend the AGC. The local group has now relocated their meetings to the Edgemont Ferry Public House in Wallasey.

On a personnel note, started a new job the day after being made redundant from the last one so hopefully I can now start to plan out what spare time I have left. Many events planned this year with the new MAG stall, and a few without! At my new place of work there are many motorcyclists who are not aware of MAG and what we do. Things are about to change....!!

See you all at the weekend,

Tony Cox
NW Regional Rep.