NW Report April-May 2012

14th April: - MAG AGC Reading

I attended the NC meetings and AGC held at Chiltern Aerodrome

Minutes of meeting will be available on MAG UK web-site. http://www.mag-uk.org

17th April: RSBS Meeting, Leyland House, Leyland

The forum is planning a number of events through the biking season to engage with bikers at various meetings to promote the RSBS initiative. I used the meeting to discuss the possibility of another MAG Demo run with Lancashire Police and got a very positive response.

20th April: Granville Motor Centre

I took my car in for an MOT and noticed that they have started to do Motorbikes. On talking to the proprietor, we struck a deal that they would MOT MAG member’s Bikes for a discounted price of £22, and we will promote their services by NW MAG website. Next step is to see if I can sign them up as corporate members. The garage provides a good service; 10 days free re-test, and will change bulbs FOC during MOT if needed.

21st April: Coastriders Café, NW Blood Bikes Chorley

I attended this event with Blackpool MAG rep Phil McGladdery. We spoke with the organisers of the Chorley branch and offered our support as individuals and also working together through NW MAG to promote biking in the region.

24th-April: Alliance Meeting Petres Arms, Whalley

            The intention is to vary the meeting place to show support at the different MC/MCC meeting places and club houses. The Petres Arms is the meeting place of the A59ers MCC. I informed the attendees of the planned Demo run. We had an update on the Motorcycle Alliance Political Party (MAP) and where we are up to with memberships etc.

11th-13th May NABD Rally, Astle Park, Cheshire

Once again it was a brilliant rally. We picked up 18 memberships over the two day rally and many more who pledged to join on line. I had some interesting discussions with both MC & MCC members over the EU situation and the planned demo.

18th-20th May NW 200, Port Stewart, Northern Ireland

I went across to watch the Road Racing but also to make contact with Steven, the Ballymoney MAG Rep. I got the impression from Steven that he is feeling pressurised into taking on the role of Regional Rep for Northern Ireland when he is just finding his feet running the local group. He did not seem aware that I volunteered 8 months ago to represent him at NC meetings until such a time that NI got its own Regional Rep and so taking some of the pressure off. him. I intend to discuss this and a few other issues in NI with Paddy & Co at the weekend’s NC meeting.

Oh, and the racing was brilliant!

22nd May: Alliance Meeting, Old White Lion, Bury

            This was a very well attended meeting with representatives from many MCCs and MCs including the Red & Whites. I got up on my perch and gave a heartfelt spiel about supporting MAG in its fight against the proposed EU legislation. I pointed out that we have Europe on the back foot now and have to keep the pressure on, apathy is not an option!. All was met with nods and approvals and the stack of demo leaflets I had taken with me were soon gone. Jimmy Torrence, the Manchester MAG Rep, gave an overview of the Motorcycle Alliance Party and what we intend to achieve. This also got a good reception and promises of support. MAP has been invited to attend a number of events to promote the initiative and we are to have the next alliance meeting at the HAMC club house in Irlam.

25th-27th May: Leyland Eagles Rally, Garstang

            It was another good rally. There was plenty of interest shown in the MAG Stand and a handful of memberships taken. Had a useful discussion with members of Morecambe & District MCC about the situation with Morecambe & Lancaster MAG which is detailed below. Also had a discussion about the possibility of holding the next AGC in the NW with members of an affiliated group in the Lancaster Area. We will make some inquiries and see if it is feasible.

Other news from around the region

Blackpool MAG doing well and getting all geared up for the FFF Rally in a few weeks. Manchester MAG still meeting with a few members in attendance as is Red Rose MAG. Wirral & Chester MAG have changed location to the Egremont Ferry Pub on the Wirral as they were not feeling welcome at the Crown. I have had no contact for a while now from the Morecambe and Lancaster MAG Rep and have come to the conclusion that he has given up on the group and the meetings are not taking place. At the Leyland Eagles Rally, I was talking to Kevin Hyde of MAD MCC, who has volunteered to take over as MAG Rep and host the MAG meetings before the MAD MCC meetings at the George Hotel in Torresholme, first Wednesday of the month.

See you all at the weekend,

Tony Cox
NW Regional Rep.