NW Report August-September 2012

11th August: MAG NC Meeting, Warwick

I attended the NC meeting at MAG Central, Warwick. Minutes of meeting will be available on MAG UK web-site. http://www.mag-uk.org

28th August – 3rd September:- Stormin the Castle

I took a week off from my new job to help out again with the build up and marshalling at Stormin’. It was a tough task this year due to the mud but still very enjoyable & worthwhile.

11th September:- RideSafe BackSafe Meeting, Leyland House.

            It was not good news from this meeting, as the KSI figures for Lancashire have gone skywards. Lancashire Police are now looking at increasing enforcement to try to contain the rising trend. Four unmarked police motorcycles are to be deployed in the region and we were told that they will have many varied duties, but at weekends they will be patrolling the known biker routes across the region.
            RSBS have launched the “Mediform tubes” and I have been given a few hundred to distribute. This initiative has been done in conjunction with Lancashire Ambulance and North West Air Ambulance services. The mediform tubes are carried on the ignition keys and a green key-shaper sticker is attached to the RHS of the helmet visor. The tube carries essential medical and contact details

12th September Morecambe & Lancaster MAG 1st meeting

This was the first meeting since Kevin Hyde took over the group. There was much debate and a couple of memberships were taken on the night. The group plan to meet once a month, the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm at the George Hotel in Torrisholme.

14-16th September: - Jesters MCC Rally.

 A few members from Blackpool MAG helped out at this affiliated club rally and we also ran the MAG stall. It was a successful event and a number of renewals and a few new memberships taken.

30th September:- Ramsbottom Bike Show

            Red Rose MAG took the stall and ran it at this bike show. Unfortunately it was a bit of a wash out but still managed to pick up a few members.

7th- October:- Hercules Charity Run

For the fourth year NW MAG was asked to road marshal the Hercules Charity Run. This year’s event was run from the traditional starting point at Preesall School to Barrow Dock Museum, via Shap summit and other scenic routes through the Lake District. Members from across the region helped out and managed to pull off another successful event which raises thousands of pounds for charity and consisted of well over 100 bikes taking part. I picked up two new members on the day and NW MAG won this year’s Hercules Trophy, a prestigious prize awarded to the person or group of people that the HCR committee deem to have shown great effort & commitment to the event.


Other news from around the region

As mentioned earlier, we have a new Local Rep, Kevin Hyde, who has taken over the Morecambe & Lancaster MAG group which is great news! Blackpool MAG are busy getting ready for the Hellfire, this year’s Halloween and Bonfire party. They have also started to plan the rally next year which I was led to believe will be the official celebration of MAG’s 40th Birthday. I have however heard rumours that another MAG group in the South are planning a MAG 40th Birthday rally? Not sure if this has been discussed within the NC but I cannot recall this being mentioned before. It would be nice to know what other events are being planned in the name of MAG’s 40th Birthday so that we can take these into consideration when planning next year’s event in Blackpool.

 Not much news from the other groups within the region, but Red Rose, Manchester and Wirral & Chester are still functioning well.

 This year’s NW AGM is being held at the Coast Riders Cafe, Blackpool 1pm Sunday, 18th November 2012. We will require an NC volunteer to observe events please!


I will not be at the NC this weekend as MAG have been offered free stall space at Mobile Chaos Rally and will be helping out there.


Tony Cox
NW Regional Rep.