NW Report August-September 2012

12th-14th October:- Mobile Chaos Rally, Silverdale

I missed the NC meeting due to commitments in helping out with the MAG stall at Mobile Chaos Rally. All went well with a few new and renewed memberships. The Stall was set up and run by the new Morecambe & Lancaster MAG Rep, Kevin Hyde who is doing a sterling job since taking over the local reps position.

24th October – North Manchester Alliance Meeting, “The Shed”, Rochdale

.This was quite a productive meeting. I got chance to give the group an update on MAG campaigns and concentrated on the threats raised by the proposed RWT. The cross section of MCCs and MCs in attendance at these meetings is wide but all were very concerned about consequences of this legislation if it goes through. On the back of this I signed up two new members after the meeting. I also made a good contact with a member who runs his own motorcycle ride training school and wants us to work together in monitoring the new licensing laws, due to come in next January, but he is convinced that the DSA will announce a delay in their introduction.

3rd November:- Blackpool MAG Hellfire Party

            A very enjoyable way of raising money for the fighting funds. We now have a comprehensive set of DJ/PA gear which reduces outlay. Not a massive turn-out this year but enough to cover costs and make a few quid. It was a fantastic night of fun & games with bonfire, fireworks and a fair amount of alcohol consumed. Hopefully full write up available in the Road

7th November Blackpool MAG AGM, The Victoria, Cleveleys

Good turnout for this Local AGM. Phil McGladdery voted back in as local Rep with Joe Pritchard as Secretary. Phil also takes on the responsibility of treasurer. Main focus for this group is the planned 40th Birthday Party for MAG next year in June.

18th November: - NW MAG AGM, Coast Riders Cafe, Blackpool.

A very good turnout, plenty discussed, some good ideas voiced at the meeting which we are in the process of following up. Many thanks to Neil Liversidge for observing on behalf of the NC. Neil gave a morale boosting speech which ended with an enthusiastic round of applause. All the usual faces voted back in, myself as RR, Gillian Beautyman as Regional Treasurer, Phil McGladdery as Secretary and Bill Green, who chaired the meeting, as NW Political Officer. A request was made for a Regional Affiliated Clubs Officer and although no one came forward at the time, I did get two members approach me after the meeting showing interest in the position, which I am currently following up. A minutes silence was held at the end of the meeting in memory of Fergus O’Connell. Full set of minutes will soon be available on NW MAG website.

Other news from around the region

Things are a bit quite this time of year. The five active groups we have in the region all seem to be functioning well and it was good for all the local reps to get together with other members from the region at the NW AGM and have a good natter about how we can promote MAG within the NW. I would still like to get a group up and running in the Liverpool/West Lancashire area but although we have plenty of active members, it is difficult getting one to commit to local rep status.

 We have a member in the Bolton region who works as office manager for a local MP and we have discussing the possibility of putting together questions that can be asked within Westminster during the transport questions sessions. The last one was 29th November, but we didn’t get much down in time for that. Hopefully we can give this more attention for the next session.

Greater Manchester Police Chiefs have once again stepped in to halt a cortege of bikers at a funeral. Jimmy Torrence, the Manchester MAG Rep who is also a member of the British Legion Riders as am I, reported that at the funeral of Fusilier David Collins, the riders from the British Legion and others were told that they could not follow the official cortege. The Police Officers on scene did not have an issue with this show of respect but Senior Management within GMP had stated that it was not to be, once again demonstrating GMPs total lack of respect to the biking community within Greater Manchester.

I have written to Brian Simpson NW MEP, Chairman of the Transport and Tourism Committee (TRAN) which will be leading the European Parliament on the newly proposed EU Road Worthiness Regulation COM(2012)380. So far I have not received a reply, but Gordon Wheatcroft, the Wirral & Chester MAG Rep has, and it is quite worrying to read Mr Simpsons take on this regulation. I can pass the reply onto anyone who would like to read it?




Kind Regards,

Tony Cox
NW Regional Rep.