NW Report April-May 2013

12th April: - Board meeting, Keynsham, Bristol.

I attended the Board meeting at the AGC venue, minutes at www.mag-uk.org

13th April: - National Committee Meeting & AGC, Keynsham, Bristol.  

I attended the MAG NC meetings before and after the MAG AGC, minutes on www.mag-uk.org

13th April: - MAG AGM & AGC, Keynsham, Bristol.  

I attended the AGC and had my co-option as Director of MAG UK ratified by the attending membership.

14th April: - North Manchester Alliance meeting, British Bulldogs MCC, Wigan

I attended this alliance meeting along with the Red-Rose and Manchester MAG reps. The Bulldogs are a new club in the NW with a very impressive club house.  

30th April:- MSP motors Runcorn

Used the “MAG Van” to go and pick up the MAG National Raffle prize from MSP Motors, Runcorn, who are an AJP dealership.

3rd - 4th May:- Into the Valley Rally

Took the Raffle prize across to the ITV Rally and helped out on the MAG stand over the weekend. Great weekend and went well.

5th May:- Assasin MCC Bike Show, Station Pub, Ashton-Under-Lyne

Manchester MAG supported this show which was very well attended, due in part to the association with the Alliance. It was so successful that the pub ran out of beer.

9th-12th May:- NABD Rally, Astle Park, Cheshire

Took the MAG Stand and raffle prize to this rally. Very successful, sold plenty of raffle tickets and anniversary patches and signed up fourteen new/renewed members.

17th-18th May:- Leyland Eagles Rally, Garstang

I couldn’t attend this rally due to family commitments but Blackpool MAG attended and sold raffle tickets for the bike, rally tickets and other MAG merchandise.

22nd May ;- North Manchester (now West) Alliance meeting, Blackpool MAG, Victoria Hotel, Cleveleys.

Blackpool MAG were asked to host this meeting. I took down the raffle prize and we sold £50 tickets on the night. Very well attended. It was suggested during open forum that the name of the alliance be changed from North Manchester to North West Motorcycle Alliance. It was voted in unanimously.


Other news from around the region

All groups in the region functioning well. The focus at the moment is on the Birthday Bash in a few weeks which we are working towards as a region. I have had the T-shirts produced early this year and they are selling well on-line via the NW web-site, as are the anniversary patches, all profits so far going towards the set-up costs of the rally which are quite high this year due to the increase in size of the event. I am very pleased how the Alliance is functioning in the and it is bringing most of the NW MCs and MCCS together supporting each other’s events and avoiding conflicts. There are one or two clubs that do not want to get involved but most are happy with the initiative. On a personnel note, fully healed and able to ride again.  

Best Regards,

Tony Cox
NW Regional Rep.