NW Report December 2013-January 2014

13th December :- MAG UK Board meeting, The Falcon, Warwick.

I attended the Board meeting, minutes at www.mag-uk.org

14th December :- National Committee meeting, Shrewley Village Hall

I attended the MAG NC meeting, minutes on www.mag-uk.org

18th December :- NWMA Meeting, Devils Disciples MC Northside Clubhouse.

Another useful meeting. Discussions around the victimisation of bikers in Queensland and if we could show moral support from the UK. Support for MAG is growing within the Alliance and when you consider the various MCs and MCCS involved, it is encouraging that we seem to be appealing to a wider audience. It is also a good opportunity for the majority of the Local MAG Reps to get together and have a briefing from the NC meetings and the like.

10-12th January 2014:- †Manchester Central Motorcycle Show

The show itself was quite small this year with many of the main dealers conspicuous by their absence. The attendance was fair and we attracted many on the MAG stand and signed up a dozen or more members, sold a couple of hundred pounds of raffle tickets and a fair amount of merchandise. I have bought a PayPal credit card reader and that was very popular. Although the commission is quite high at 2.75%, there are no monthly fees and it saves having to note down members credit card details if they are willing to complete the transaction this way and saves the cost a sending via special delivery to Central which costs around £6. Lembit was in attendance on the Friday night and on the stand on the Saturday. As well as being very useful on the stand, it was a good opportunity for Lembit and James Torrence, the Manchester MAG rep and founder of the Motorcycle Alliance Party, to get together and have a natter about how we can use the party to MAGs advantage. All in all a very successful weekend.

22nd January :- NWMA Meeting, Mid-Life Crisis MCC Ship, Irlam

Feedback given at this meeting about the Manchester Show. James Torrence gave a summary of his meeting with Lembitís and the plans for the record release. I gave an update on other MAG related issues. There was a raffle held for a homemade ginger bread house that had been donated to raise funds for a worthy cause. It was a pleasant surprise when it was decided by the attendees that the worthy cause would be MAG! Only £15 raised, but the recognition of MAG being the worthy cause was of far greater value.

Other news from around the region

We have a new Wirral & Chester MAG new Rep, Stuart Dunn. I am working with him, making arrangements to attend a few meetings and rallies on the Wirral with the 3m x 3m MAG stand we have although this will need some repairs first.

I have been assisting Selina Lavender, East Anglia Regional Rep with the manufacture and sale of 500 Pink Patches which a percentage of the sales will be going to Cancer Research UK Breast Cancer campaign. These are now available on the NW web-site. I have also been assisting Bill Green, the NW MAG political officer, with the production and distribution of the first NW MAG Newsletter . So far there has been some very positive feedback.
††††††††††† I am also busy with Blackpool MAG making arrangements for the next Manchester Bike Show at Event City in March, the National AGC, and our rally in June. Plenty to be getting on with!
Best Regards, Tony Cox, NW Regional Rep.