NW Report February-March 2014

7th February :- MAG UK Board meeting, The Falcon, Warwick.

I attended the Board meeting, minutes at www.mag-uk.org

8th February :- National Committee meeting, Shrewley Village Hall

I attended the MAG NC meeting, minutes on www.mag-uk.org

9th February :- The 10th NW Fred Hill Run.

Another good turn out and we managed a ride around the Lancashire countryside after the ceremony at Blackburn Cathedral, first time in a number of years. Signed up a couple of new members and sold a load of badges & patches.

26nd February:- NWMA Meeting, Roadslayers MCC

Regular monthly meeting. Ex Bolton MAG rep Daryl Whitby is standing down as Chairman for a while and the onus is now on the club hosting the meetings to provide the Chair, therefore making it crystal clear that the Alliance is being run by no one independent club or organisation.

22nd-24th March:- Manchester Event City Motorcycle Show

The show was busier and bigger than previous years, but we were unfortunately located in a poor position. We did get a few new memberships but nowhere near what was expected. Sold a couple of hundred quid’s worth of raffle bike tickets and made some good contacts with a few of the new clubs and MCs.

26nd March :- NWMA Meeting, Born of Chaos MCC Warrington

Another well attended meeting and opportunity for a last push at selling Raffle Bike tickets. Chaired by a member of Born of Chaos MCC.

6th  April:- Wirral Egg Run-Tribute Ride

There must have been a couple of thousand bikes turn up for this un-official ride which was raising money for Claire’s House, Children’s Hospice, and the NW Air Ambulance. Originally I was supposed to be taking the MAG stand down to the finish point but having had immense transport problems of late, I only had two wheels available and went down on the bike to join in the run and distribute leaflets at the finish along with Stuart Dunn, the Wirral MAG Rep & Friends.

Other news from around the region

I have attended all the recent Blackpool MAG meetings as we have been kept busy organising the AGC and lots to prepare for with the Birthday Bash Rally. As I write, most things seem to be in place for the AGC this weekend but time will tell. There has not been much discussion in the region over tribunal events, results  etc. but the ex-employees had very little involvement with the NW and the majority of the membership in the region don’t seem to be concerned over the current situation or how it is being handled.

I am trialling a few new product ideas for the MAG stand, not branded but may generate a few pennies for MAG, key rings, clips, wallet chains etc.

NW MAG Newsletter is going down well. Bill is doing a cracking job and I am distributing via e-mail which is generating correspondence with the individual members. If anyone would like to be copied in on these, I will add you to the list

A new bike meet is starting in Morecambe running from April to September on a Tuesday night , organised by MAG affiliated Morecambe Bay Classic Bikes. I have been corresponding with the organisers and hope to give this my full support which will help generate interest in MAG in the North of the region. Morecambe MAG meets once a month but reports from the local rep Kev Hyde, is that they do not get a lot attending these meetings. Hopefully this Tuesday night meet will be a good opportunity to connect with more of the local bikers.

            Salford MAG are going strong and have been attending a few events. Blayz has had a couple of banners and flags made up for the group. He has also been looking at campaigning within Greater Manchester for access to the bus lanes. Liverpool has now suspended all bus lanes on a trial period. If they do reinstate them at some stage, it would be a good opportunity to launch a similar campaign with Liverpool County Council.

Red Rose MAG meetings are quite and Bill Green has been considering a re-launch to generate more interest in the group and its activities.

 Manchester MAG rep Jimmy Torrence is getting involved with a few stunts on the lead-up to the MEP elections in May with assistance from our own Lembit Opik, watch this space…… ???

Best Regards,

Tony Cox, NW Regional Rep.