NW Report February-March 2014

11th April: - MAG UK Board meeting, The Red Lion, Blackpool.

I attended the Board meeting, minutes at www.mag-uk.org

12th April: - National Committee meeting, and AGC, Blackpool

NW MAG hosted this years AGC. It was a lively meeting with plenty to discuss. The meeting was very well attended ~250 members signed in. The donations bucket was disappointing and only raised ~£30 towards a buffet cost of £450

The evening party was also well attended and the raffle did well, overall the whole event cost in the region of £330 when everything was taken into account. Minutes of the AGC should soon be available at  www.mag-uk.org

29th.April NW Motorcycle Alliance Meeting Avernus MCC, Chorley

.Another productive meeting. Discussions on promoting our candidates for the local council elections and details of the planned Manchester RAV Demo discussed along with other regional issues.

4th May Assasins MCC Bike Show, Station Pub Ashton, Manchester

Took the MAG stand down to this Bike Show held at the meeting venue of Manchester MAG. Very well attended and picked up a few memberships. .

9-11th May NABD Rally, Astle Park, Cheshire-

Took the 6x3m NW Stand down to this event. Weather was poor but the stand did well getting into double figures on new/renewed memberships and sold many items of second hand motorcycle apparel donated by Mike Card, ex NW Regional Rep. We also had his Pan Trike on the stand, for sale, which created a lot of interest.

16-18th May, Leyland Eagles Rally, Garstang

Took the 3x3m NW Stand to this affiliated club rally. Weather was excellent and a cracking rally. Not many memberships taken as most folk are already signed up.

18th May Manchester RAV Demo

Numbers wise, it was a disappointing turn-out, maybe due to being early on a Sunday morning with a lot of events being held on the previous evening. Those that did make the effort made the Demo a success. Bishop Michael was in attendance and gave the ride his blessing before we set off. Lembit Opik made the trip up to Manchester and joined the run on a bike loaned by Jimmy Torrence, the Manchester Rep. We got some excellent coverage in the press and succeeded in getting the message across. This was the first in what is planned to be a number of similar demos, the course of which runs past the headquarters of Greater Manchester Police and terminates at the residence Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester


22nd May Euro and local council elections.

            We had two candidates from the Motorcycle Alliance Party who stood in the Local council Elections, Jimmy Torrence, the Manchester MAG Rep stood in the Old Moat Ward, Ashton and Mike Yarwood, Salford MAG member, stood in the Langworthy Ward. As expected, we did not gain a high percentage of the votes in these wards but one of the off shoots of this campaign has been that the labour candidate who won the Langworthy ward is keen to discuss our issues with the MAP candidates and a meeting is being arranged.


23rd May Warrington Wheels

            This is a annual bike building competition held for the U18s. NW MAG donates a trophy each year and the winners are entered in the National Youthbike Competition in Lincolnshire In November. This year’s trophy was presented by Manchester MAG Rep, Jimmy Torrence.

23rd-25th May Taunton MAG Rally

Had a weekend off from MAG commitments so travelled down to sunny Somerset to support this rally. It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend though a pity about the weather. Lembit & Mutchie put in an appearance on the Saturday which went down well.

28th May Alliance Meeting Crusaders Brotherhood, Bury

Good feedback from the local elections. A lot of discussions surrounding the road furniture that is being installed in Salford and other areas of Manchester. Loads of support for what MAG is doing from the NW MCCs and MCs.

Other news from around the region

Things are very busy and active in the NW at the moment. Bill the political officer and Red-Rose Rep is doing a great job producing the monthly NW Newsletter which has been running since February this year. Blayz, the Salford Rep is busy with the Salford “Armadillos” and other transport issues. Jimmy the Manchester Rep will soon be starting his own radio show on Biker FM, Tuesday nights 10pm till midnight, where we will be able to promote MAG/MAP events and issues. I am being run off my feet trying to keep up with MAG commitments. Not a lot heard from Morecambe and Wirral groups but still functioning and meeting on a regular basis. I will try and get up to visit over the coming months..


Best Regards,

Tony Cox, NW Regional Rep.