NW Report June-July 2014

14th  June- National Committee meeting, Shrewley Village Hall

I attended the MAG NC meeting, minutes on www.mag-uk.org


25th-30th June Blackpool MAG Rally.

.Numbers were disappointing but there four other events on that weekend in close vicinity which did not help. Lembit paid a visit on the Friday night which went down well. He brought along Conservative MP David Morris who he had just signed up to MAG. Need to work out a different format for next year’s rally as it looks like we lost money on this year’s event

30th June NW Alliance Meeting, Leyland Eagles MCC, Farrington

Another productive meeting. Calls for a 12month rolling electronic calendar to be made available to hopefully prevent clash of weekend events which happened at the recent Blackpool MAG/NCC events.

6th  July Blackpool Bike Show

Great success again with well over 200 bikes, trikes & scooters turning up on the day. Weather was fantastic again.

30th July NW Alliance Meeting, Road Slayers Brotherhood, Irlam

Much discussion about recent events. Had chance to discuss MAG matters with the local reps from the region. We are looking at the possibility of MAG starting its own internet radio station in the NW!


Other news from around the region

Still got big issues in Salford with plans afoot to modify the road infrastructure to apparently aid cyclists but to the detriment of Motorcyclists. Have been in touch with the MAG rep for the Gold Wing Owners Club UK, who lives in the NW. There was concern raised at a Reading MAG meeting that MAG were to cease club affiliation but it seems that the individual who was spreading these rumours has an axe to grind and GWOCGB have now been put in the picture.  They are also planning on attending the South Wales demo on 23rd August as they have a weekend event in the area. The Manchester demo on the 23rd has been postponed due to the clash with the Lee Rigby ride of respect. I have been in discussions with the organisers of the event and the local MAG reps in the NW and it though wise that we did not try and run a demo on the same day. I have been kept busy tweaking the various MAG web-sites and put a lot of work into re-configuring the on-line membership form to incorporate the increase in membership fees which came into effect on 1st August. Been kept busy running Blackpool MAG local group of late as the local rep has issues which has restricted his involvement with the group. Hoping to get this resolved very soon as I am really struggling to keep on top of my MAG responsibilities on top of my current day job’s manic workload.


Best Regards,

Tony Cox, NW Regional Rep.