NW Report August-September 2014

8th August: - National Committee meeting, Wren Hall

I attended the MAG NC meeting, minutes on www.mag-uk.org

23rd August: - Lee Rigby Tribute Ride In.

.The National MAG Demo was postponed in the NW due to the clash with this event. Quite a few of the NW local reps and members, including myself, attended this tribute and it was a very well attended event. I also think that our decision not to run a MAG Demo on the same day was appreciated by the Lee Rigby event organisers and has helped build good relations between the two organisations.

27thth August: - NW Alliance Meeting, Jesters MCC Preston

It was Jesters turn to host this monthly meeting of the regions bike clubs. I got to chair it as well which was a good opportunity to push MAG related issues. Very well attended which was un-expected as this meeting is usually held around the Manchester Area but we had Bikers attending from all areas of the region and even from Penrith in Cumbria.

11-14th September: - Jesters Rally Preston

It was great weather for a change. As well as helping run this event I also had the NW MAG stand at the event and picked up a few members as well as selling a few products and T-shirts.

22nd September: - Blackpool MAG Meeting at Blackpool Rugby Club

A few of us who are involved in the running of the Blackpool MAG Events asked for a meeting with the committee of the Rugby Club to discuss the Halloween Party in November and the B’MAG Rally next year. The November Party is pretty much sorted but we have a lot of ground to cover if we are to host next year’s rally at the rugby club. We are exploring a number of options as last year’s rally made nothing and we either need to change the format or the site or both.

28thth September: - Hercules Charity Run

Once again, NW MAG was asked to Road Marshall this event which attracts over 100 bikes travelling approximately 100 miles to a different destination each year. This year’s destination was Jamie Whittham’s Airfield at Crossland Moor, Huddersfield. The route is always planned to take it as much scenery as possible and no motorways are included as there are usually many learner riders on the excursion. The event has introduced many to MAG and has also strengthened ties with Lancs & Lakes Blood Bikes.  

Other news from around the region

We have a new Blackpool MAG Rep, Dave “Smartie” Smart who has taken over from Phil McGladdery. Smartie and Blackpool MAG are busy sorting out details for next years rally as well as finalising details for the Halloween Party in a few weeks time.

Salford MAG have now got a full committee.Local group rep Blayz is now being assisted by Mike & Paul Yarwood, Ben Pritchard & Owen Morris. The group are busy promoting the Demo run which is due to take place on the 25th October, details on the NW web-site and in the Road.

Stu Dunn the Wirral local group rep has been contacted by the local council highways department regarding wire rope barriers and MAG’s stance on these installations. I have given Stu what I believe to be MAG’s stance on this issue but am waiting fro conformation of this from our campaigns. From memory, MAG was is not actively campaigning for the removal of these installations but wanted assurances that no new installations would be commissioned and that the hazards associated with existing installations were to be minimised by fitting protection around the posts.

Bill Green, local rep from Red Rose MAG is doing a sterling job in producing the NW Newsletter every month with a little assistance from me. The latest version can be downloaded from the NW web-site.

Morecambe Rep Kev Hyde will be attending an event with myself and Lembit in a few weeks time at O’Reilly Haulage at Heysham where they will be unveiling a new fleet of trucks and want to fit MAG Diesel Spills stickers to them all. There will be television, David Morris MP and many more at this event so hope to get plenty of good PR for MAG out of this.

I will not be at the NC Meeting at the weekend. Smartie, the Blackpool MAG Rep will be there in my place representing the NW.


Best Regards,

Tony Cox, NW Regional Rep.