NW Report February - March 2015

13th February: - Board meeting, MAG Central

Attended the Board meeting at MAG Central due to being co-opted to the Board during December 2014. Minutes soon to be on www.mag-uk.org

14th February: - NC Meeting, Wren Hall, Wroxhall.

Attended the NC meeting at wren Hall, minutes soon to be on www.mag-uk.org

22nd February:- NW AGM, Duke of York, Eccles

            Held the NW AGM at a different time in the year and different location and it was a better than average turn-out on a very wet and windy day. Held the AGM at Salford MAG’s meeting venue where they have taken over a room upstairs and decorated it with a fantastic Salford MAG logo on one of the walls. Full report has been circulated to the NC but in brief, I was returned as RR, Bill Green kept the role of Political Officer and took on the responsibility of NW Treasurer, Steve Blay took on the role of NW Affiliated Clubs Officer and Dave Smart took on the role of NW Secretary. Thanks to Oliver Rose who attended as NC Observer. Very successful meeting and a brilliant venue.

25th February: - NW Alliance meeting, Last Bastion MC Clubhouse, Liverpool.

            A very well attended meeting at the Clubhouse that Last Bastion MC share with Liverpool HAMC. I raised the issue of the NCC clashing events once again with Blackpool MAG Rally, a mere eight miles down the road. B’MAG lost a lot of money last year due to this clash and have consequently downsized their rally. I did try to negotiate with NCC earlier in the year but without success.

6th March: - Salford MAG Fund Raiser

I went along to support this event which was held to raise money for MAG. Not too sure of the final figures but it was very well attended by the MCs and MCCs throughout the region.

21st.March:- Blackpool MAG First Aid for Motorcycles

It is the third time we have arranged this course which lasts for three years. Brilliant course, would highly recommend it

Wednesday 25th March:-. NW Alliance meeting at Manchester HAMC, Clubhouse

I was asked to chair this meeting for reasons I would prefer not to go into. Very well attended, good meeting and even got a round of applause at the end.

28-29th March: - Manchester Event City Motorcycle Show

            This show goes from strength to strength. Supported once again by a loyal gang of MAG volunteers. Had Lembit with us on the Sunday. One of the bikes we had on the stand one best custom in show. Twelve memberships taken over the weekend but felt we could have done better if the stand was in a better location. With that in mind, working on a contra-deal with the show organisers to get a free trade pitch at next year’s show.

Other news from around the region

·         Still not heard a lot from Wirral MAG and there was no presence at the NW AGM so need to pay them a visit when time allows

·         . Red Rose is still functioning well and I get regular updates from Manchester MAG rep, Jimmy Torrence.

·         Between myself and Bill Green, we are still managing to get the monthly NW newsletter out


Best Regards,

Tony Cox, NW Regional Rep.