NW Report June July 2015

12th June:- Board meeting Haseley Coach House

Attended the Board Meeting minutes available at www.mag-uk.org

13th June:- MAG NC, Wren Hall Wroxhall

Attended the MAG NC meeting at Wroxhall, minutes available at www.mag-uk.org

17th June:- Re-launch of Red Rose MAG, Petre Arms, Whalley, Blackburn.

Following on from a discussion held at the NABD rally last month, it was decided to re-launch Red Rose MAG as it was felt that the group was not going anywhere at it’s current location. It was a good turnout with many new faces making an appearance and promise of plenty of future activity.

24th June: - North West Alliance Meeting Road Slayers Brotherhood, Salford

I attended the meeting along with other NW local group reps. Gave reports on MAG activities and future events. Good turnout.

25th-28 th June: - Blackpool MAG “Cod Help Us Rally” Fleetwood RUFC.

Took a few days off work to help set-up and run this rally. New venue and rally went very well making a good profit so should be a cheque winging its way down to Central very soon.

29th June: - Launch of Liverpool MAG, Old Swan Conservative Club, Liverpool

I went down with a few of the local reps to support the launch of Liverpool MAG. I had approached Alec Hughes a while ago at one of the NW Alliance meetings about starting this group and after some deliberation he agreed and the group has been formed. An enthusiastic bunch turned out on the night and hope that the numbers will increase as MAG needs representation within this city.

5th July: Blackpool Bike Show, Stanley Park.

            It was a record attendance in our 9th Year of holding this annual event. Once again a substantial amount taken on the gate and in products sold which will keep the NW funds going over the next year.

14th July:- Launch of Macclesfield MAG, The Cock, Henbury, Cheshire

The launch of Macclesfield MAG was very well attended by local bike groups and other MAG groups. Paul “Winch” Winchester has taken up the mantle in running this group and it seems that he has plenty of support from across the Border into East Midlands and Peak and District MAG. Quite a few local issues for these groups to be getting involved with and hoping to see Mac MAG going from strength to strength.

29th:- July: - North West Alliance Meeting, Devil Disciples Clubhouse, Bury

I attended the meeting and gave reports on MAG activities and future events. These meetings also act as a get together of most of the NW local MAG reps. Good turnout.

Other news from around the region

It has been a very busy last couple of months. We now have eight active groups in the region which is more than I can ever remember. Blackpool MAG rally went well this year donating £3k to Central funds and the Bike Show which is classed as a NW event was also run exclusively by members of Blackpool MAG and this was also a great success. Salford MAG continues to have success in influencing local authorities with respect to road layout modifications. Manchester MAG Rep Jimmy Torrance has reported the installation of Armadillos in Stockport and so keeping a close eye on this one. Kev from Morecambe & Lancaster MAG continues to support local events with the MAG stall. Stu from Wirral MAG is trying to organise a Rock Night to help publicise the group’s presence and raise some funds. Red Rose has recently had a re-launch and plenty of enthusiasm there. Liverpool MAG struggling for numbers but hope to soon get established and have recently moved venues. Macclesfield MAG have also moved venue for reasons I cannot go into here.

I am still very busy trying to coordinate modifications to the new web-site and upgrade of our IT systems as well as supporting other events. I will not be at the NC meeting this August due to taking the MAG stand to the Bulldog Bash as MAP are unable to support this year.


Best Regards,

Tony Cox, NW Regional Rep.