NW Report October-November 2015

9th -11th October Mobile Chaos Rally Silverdale

Kev Hyde, the Morecambe MAG rep took the MAG stand to this event and I went to assist. Good Rally and lots of positive feedback.

12th October MAG NC Meeting, Wren Hall

Steve Blay from Salford MAG attended this meeting in my absence, minutes will be available via the main MAG web-site.

7th November:- Taliesin Auto jumble, Rixton

MAG were invited to attend this event via the Salford group so took the stand down and ran it with Steve Blay. Picked up a new member and some good discussions where had with the various clubs in attendance.

7th November:- Blackpool MAG Fancy Dress & Bonfire Party

I got back in time from Rixton to help out with the running of this event. Went very well and made a good profit for the fighting fund.

21st November:- Salford MAG AGM, Duke of York, Eccles

I attended this meeting as observer. Steve Blay returned as local rep and political officer, David (Floyd) Stevens as Chairman, Elaine Blay as Treasurer/Secretary. I am a bit concerned that local club politics seems to be keeping volunteers from supporting this group as many of the officers who were involved with the group have stood down for personnel reasons. I am hoping that this can be resolved and normal service resumed.

25th November:- North West Alliance meeting, Petre Arms, Lango.

It was an excellent turnout. The main discussion was around clash of events and clubs having to work together and respect long standing dates in the calendar. Website based calendar now in use and is being kept up to date.

4th December: - Salford MAG Fundraiser, Wangies Bar, Eccles.

I went along to support this event. It was great to see the level of support from local MCCs and MCs. Very successful night with money being raised for MAG funds.


National IT Matters

I continue to be involved with the re-structure of our IT services and web-site upgrade Our dedicated volunteers who are working on this have been coming under a lot of criticism of late due to matters which was completely out of our control regarding the MAG Central server outage when we moved office premisis. I expect this to be discussed at the weekend and will hopefully be able to answer any concerns over the future integrity of our systems. I am also being kept busy with updates and fault rectification work on our current site until our new site is available.

Local Group news activities

      Salford MAG now have a dedicated contact at Salford Council who is to be the Motorcycle Liaison between Salford MAG and the other Traffic & Road services. Leon Mannings attended a meeting alongside Steve Blay from Salford MAG during the afternoon of the 25th November with key transport policy influencer Cllr Roger Jones. Jones is prepared to go on record saying that he supports the idea of motorbike access to all bus lanes in Greater Manchester. More details will be available in Dr Leon Mannings report to the NC. Salford AMG are also planning a rally next year, for 8-11th July at Barton Airfield.

Members of Red Rose MAG are arranging their first Rock night for 20th February 2016. The group is doing well since moving venues from where they will be hosting the 12th Fred Hill Run.

I continue to attend Blackpool MAG meetings and stand in as rep when needed. The group is doing well and already planning for next year’s rally which will be the 19th consecutive on the last weekend in June.

      Liverpool MAG are planning a joint weekend event next year along with “Bikers for Neurology” on the last weekend of July 2016. I will be helping out wherever possible with stalls, t-shirts patches etc…

Macclesfield MAG are looking at setting up their own web-site and so I have been trying to assist where possible.

Wirral MAG and Morecambe MAG still having regular meetings, need to pay a visit when get chance. Manchester MAG a bit quite at the moment as Jimmy T the rep is recovering from a major stroke. I have been talking with other members from the group who are keeping things ticking over for now.


Best Regards,

Tony Cox, NW Regional Rep.