NW Report December-January 2016

11th December: – Board Meeting

 Attended the Board Meeting minutes available at www.mag-uk.org.

12th December: - NC Meeting

Attended the MAG NC meeting at Wroxhall, minutes available at www.mag-uk.org

22nd January: - Meeting with Blackpool Honda

I arranged a meeting with the sales manager of Blackpool Honda to discuss them giving away free MAG memberships with bike sales and training courses. All seemed to be going well until I mentioned that MAG would be requiring £16 to cover the maintenance of the membership. I get the feeling that he thought that it would be costing them nothing? He needs to discuss with his superiors and will get back to me. It was a useful meeting and discussed other ways we can work together including other branches in the COX group including Preston Honda and Lancaster Honda.

28th January: - North West Alliance Meeting, Avernus MCC, Chorley

It was a very good attendance. I am now looking after the Alliance web-site and events calendar until the original chairman and founder is fully fit. Signed up the Gypsy Divas MCC on the night which was a bonus!


National IT Matters

I continue to be involved in the IT/website upgrades but more as an observer as the team are getting on very well. We still have very slow internet connection at Central and this is causing issues in backing up the Cardiff server. It has been suggested that if we can scrounge some additional disk space from our host in Cardiff to use as a back-up for our on-site server until the issues at Central are resolved. All activities are now being tracked via the Mantis Bug tracker.
 I am also keeping the current web-site up to date and resolving issues when they occur.

Local Group news activities

      All NW groups functioning well. A member of Morecambe MAG has contacting me in relation to opening up the bus lane between Lancaster & Morecambe which we are looking into. The planned Salford MAG Rally will not go ahead this year due to building work on the site. Pete Walker kindly visited the site a few weeks ago and has given a glowing report of the site. Red Rose MAG are hosting their re-launch Rock night soon which is very encouraging. Manchester Rep Jimmy Torrence is continuing his recovery from a major stroke and has organised participation in this weekends NW Fred Hill Run in Blackburn by a number of the young riders from the Manchester MAG group. If the weather is poor, a separate run will be held in Central Manchester along with members from Salford MAG. Blackpool MAG Rally theme now finalised and tickets are on sale from the NW website. I am keeping this site updated as much as possible but I am also caretaker of the NW Alliance website and Facebook sites and it is difficult keeping everything up-to-date.


Best Regards,

Tony Cox, NW Regional Rep.