NW Report April-May 2016

8th April: – Board Meeting, Premier Inn, Barnsley

 Attended the Board Meeting minutes available at www.mag-uk.org.

9th April: – NC Meetings and AGC, Barnsley RUFC, Barnsley

Attended the MAG NC meetings before and after the MAG Annual Conference in Barnsley as well as the AGC in-between, minutes of all will be available at www.mag-uk.org

5th-8th May: – NABD Rally, Astle park Cheshire

Very successful for the MAG stand at this event, memberships up and sold loads of stuff. Weather was fantastic and great turnout.

12th – 15th May: – Leyland Eagles Rally, Wharles, Lancs

Good local rally that I took the MAG stand to. A few memberships and products sold. Lots of interest at this event about the Harlow issue as it was breaking news. Everyone wanting to know what MAG was going to do about it……..? Hopefully we have done enough so far to warrant our existence!

National IT Matters

Continue to keep MAG National webpage up to date as well as the regional NW one.

Local Group news activities

      Busy getting ready for the Blackpool MAG Rally. Over the last few years it has clashed with an NCC weekend event held about 8 miles away. This has caused some bad feeling between the two organisations. This year the NCC event will be just a one-nighter and I have met & discussed the situation with the event organisers. We have agreed that on the Saturday night of the Blackpool MAG Rally, members of the NCC are welcome to our rally for a drink and look round and on the Saturday we are arranging a ride out to their event for a look around their bike show, all FOC at both events.


Red Rose MAG have changed locations and are planning a fund raiser for later on this year. They are also getting some merchandise made up to sell and will hopefully boost the group funds when sold.


Salford MAG:- Blayz has  been in touch with Councillor Paul Dennett (Labour) who  was voted in as Salford City Mayor at the Mayoral Elections. Paul has stated he would arrange through his office for a meeting to further discuss Bus lane issues. Following on from a letter received in response to a complaint Blayz raised with TfGM about no Councillors agreeing to a meeting to discuss allowing Bikes in Bus lanes, he has sent the reply to John Leech who is the only opposition Councillor sitting on the Manchester Council, for his considered opinion & reply. If no response is received then a blockade of Manchester City Centre may be in the offing.


Bob Towler, MAG member & Taliesin Brotherhood member, experienced the same brick wall with Warrington council in that they have no policy for powered two wheeled riders, and apparently see no need to adopt one.

All other groups are functional but no news to report.


See you at the weekend





All NW.


Best Regards,

Tony Cox, NW Regional Rep.