NW Report June-July 2016

10th June: – Board Meeting, Haseley Coach House

 Attended the Board Meeting minutes available at www.mag-uk.org.

11th June: – NC Meetings Shrewley Hall, Warwick

Attended the MAG NC minutes of all will be available at www.mag-uk.org

23rd-26th June : – Blackpool MAG High Chapperral-ly, Fleetwood  

Good attendance and we were blessed with very good weather. The rally went really well hopefully made a few thousand for the fighting fund.

3rd July : – Blackpool Stanley Park Bike Show

Had to jump through lots of hoops this year as there is a new councillor that I have had to deal with but all went well in the end, no aircraft crashed onto the site so we didn’t have to initiate our event emergency evacuation plan. We have always got the park free for the last nine years we have been running this event but the council now want to start charging us. I think it will still be worth doing as we usually raise quite a bit on the gate and sell a lot of merchandise at this annual event.

10th July :- Salford MAG Bike Auto-jumble

Reports from Blayz were that the event was a bit quite, plenty of room for other stall holders. Salford MAG planning on doing another one in the near future.

18th July :- Manchester transport Vision meeting

Lembit represented MAG at this meeting in Manchester as I could not get away from work. Sounds like it was well worthwhile and we were the only Motorcycle organisation represented at the meeting. Hoping to support future meetings.

27th July :- Alliance meeting, Allegiance MCC Liverpool

Well attended meeting, representation from most clubs around the NW.

28th July :- Highways England Motorcycle Working Group.

Only got to hear about this the day before and nearly didn’t make it but so glad that I did. As already reported out to NC and in press release, HE want to engage with motorcyclists and have set up this working group with the intent to encourage more motorcycles onto their network of strategic roads whilst improving safety and facilities for the riders and pillions. Very encouraging, next meeting October.

National IT Matters

Continue to keep MAG National webpage up to date as well as the regional NW one. Getting closer with the new website with content being loaded.

Local Group news activities   

Red Rose MAG have had some embroidered T-Shirts made with the Lancashire Red Rose beneath the MAG logo. Look really good and sold out already so more are now on order. Salford MAG:- Blayz has  been in touch with  John Leech, to try and get some questions tabled at the Manchester Council meetings regarding lack of contact from other councillors in Gm re bus lane issues.

 All other groups are functional but no news to report.


Won’t be there this weekend due to running the MAG stand at the Bulldog Bash. Tony.