NW Report August-September 2016

10th- 14th August:– Bulldog Bash, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Took the National MAG Stand to this event and was ably assisted by Bill & Jane Green of Red Rose MAG and Dave Wigham, North East RR. The event ran well with good product sales and a few new & renewed memberships plus a new affiliated club signed up. Once again we were made to feel very welcome by the event organisers.

24th August:– NWMA Meeting Road Reapers MCC, Bolton

I attended this meeting along with the majority of other local MAG reps. Well attended and good discussions on maters in the region.

28th August: – NW Motorcycle Festival 2017 (1st Meeting)- Winter Gardens, Blackpool

I met up with Gareth Coles at our Stanley Park Bike show earlier in the year who is trying to arrange a weekend motorcycle show at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool on August Bank Holiday weekend 2017. Gareth is head of security at the Winter Gardens but is looking to get into event organisation and is a keen biker. We arranged to meet up and discuss the proposed event. I have agreed to help out where I can in exchange for MAG being heavily promoted at the event. This has been agreed on and I will provide further details in a separate communication to the NC.

9th September:- Salford MAG Rock Night

Reports from Salford MAG rep, Blayz, that it was a good night, mainly locals as lack of attendance from other clubs. £320 raised for fighting fund, pub paid for the band.

16th -18th September:- Jesters MCC Rally, Whittingham

Had the MAG stand at this event and sold a fair bit of merchandise along with a few memberships. Great weather for a change and reasonable donation from the profits of this rally to NW MAG funds.

21st September:- NWMA Meeting Mid-Life Crisis MCC, Irlam

Didn’t make this meeting due to family commitments but attended by many of the regions local MAG reps.

23rd September:–NW Motorcycle Festival 2017 (2nd Meeting) Winter Gardens, Blackpool

Had a second meeting at the Winter Gardens with Gareth Coles and Anthony Williams, Marketing Manager Blackpool Entertainment Company. Things are beginning to take shape and this could turn out to be one of the biggest Biking events in the North West with MAG’s name splattered all over the place! We are looking at securing a full floor of the nearby Houndshill Car Park for bike parking, and the council have even suggested turning Blackpool Lights on a week early for us to have a ride through. The Winter Gardens is owned by the Council. Bands are booked for the Saturday nights entertainments with the show being on Saturday and Sunday. Deals are being made with the local hotels and B&B establishments for folk wanting to make a full weekend of this.

29th September:- Meeting with NW Honda Dealership

Following up a complaint from a member that MAG discount at a local Honda dealership, I contacted the site in question and eventually got a meeting arranged with the brand manager for NW Honda dealership, Andy Derby. The meeting went very well and Andy is prepared to offer MAG members on parts and clothing and also servicing which is not presently offered to any other group. The level of  discount will be finalised this week and I will then notify members in the area although Andy has mentioned rolling this out nationally across all Honda Dealerships.

2nd October:- Hercules Charity Run; Preesall to Tan Hill Inn, Yorkshire Dales

 Once Again NW MAG were asked to Road Marshall this event, ~ 100miles ~100 bikes from the Over Wyre to the highest Pub in Britain. It was a great day and fabulous weather and MAG were highly praised by the event organisers for the professional way in which the riders were helped and guided along the challenging route.

National IT Matters

Continue to keep the old web-site up to date. Feedback from Gregg on the new website is that he is waiting for Lesley[TC1]  Johns to complete the membership database side of things before he can do anymore. I am awaiting a status update from Lesley

Other News from around the region              

I have been working on the NW website dealership discount page and getting all detail up to date. I have bought a stock of the more common MAG patches(pipes and new logo) and pin badges (pipes with/without loops and new logo) I am able to offer these to local and regional reps at cost price, patches at £1.50ea and pin badges at £1.20ea. Bill Green (Deputy NW Rep) will have the pin badges with him at the October NC if anyone wants some from him.

I continue to be involved with the TfGM 2040 consultation and the Highways England Motorcycle Meetings and workshops. Next meeting with HE is on 27th October in Manchester.

As well as the fund raiser mentioned above, Salford MAG are planning a demo in December due to the lack of response by local councillors on our concerns over cycleway segregation and access to bus lanes. The demo will take place on the Mancunian way roundabout.

NW MAG continue to get out the monthly NW newsletter, mainly Bill’s work with my assistance on delivery.

All other groups are functional but no news to report.


Won’t be there this weekend , Bill Green, NW Political Officer, Treasurer and Red Rose MAG Rep will be standing in for me.

Best Regards