NW Report October-November 2016

8th October: - MAG NC Meeting, Shrewley Village Hall

Could not attend as helped out at Mobile Chaos Rally. Bill Green deputised for the NW..

26th October: - NW Alliance Meeting DDMC Bolton

Attended this meeting as NW MAG rep and Jesters MCC.

27th October: - Highways England Motorcycle Workshop, Manchester

I attended this meeting with Lembit, details in a separate report.

5th November: -Blackpool MAG Halloween & Bonfire Party

A very good event, well attended with a couple of hundred quid raised for the fighting fund.

10th November: - Biker Mumís funeral, Radcliffe, Manchester

Anyone who has attended a NW Rally over the past few decades will have been familiar with Biker Mumís sweet stall. Helped with the road marshalling of the funeral cortege. MAG was well represented.

12th November: - Talisen Brotherhood Auto-jumble, Rixton

A couple of members from Salford MAG took the MAG stand down to this event to spread the word.

16th November: - NW Alliance meeting, Gypsy Divas MCC

Attended the meeting as NW MAG representative. Discussion included the recent spate of Motorcycle hijackings with Lancs & Lakes Blood Bikes also coming under attack

19th November: - Salford MAG AGM

††††††††††††††† Steve Blay retains his position as group rep. Other roles were not filled and it was decided to do without a committee.

23rd November: - Southport Cruisers talk on MAG Affiliation

There were 20+ turned up for my talk on MAG and our affiliation scheme and benefits. It went really well and some good feedback after the event. Their AGM is near Christmas but fairly sure they are going to affiliate.

18th-27th November: - Motorcycle Live NEC Birmingham

Bill Green was the stand manager this year on the MAG stand and I went down to help on the last Saturday. The MAG stand was in a prime location and attracted much attention. Big thanks to ll involved.


National IT Matters

Keeping the National web-site up-to-date with the news items and meeting/contact details as well as the affiliated clubs page. Lesley Jones still working on integration of member database with new website before Gregg can finish it off and it can go live.

Other News from around the region††††††††††

The planned Manchester demo has been put on hold in light of recent anti-social behaviour on PTWs in some of our major cites We continue to try and strike up discussion with TfGM and local councillors but so far are being ignored.

Red Rose Mag are continuing to have their own brand of merchandise made and is selling very well. They also ran a raffle over the last few months which raised a substantial amount of cash.

Blackpool MAG continuing to have good attendance at their meetings, getting involved with planning of the Great North West Motorcycle Festival next August BH.

Not a lot of feedback from other groups in the region but presuming all functioning ok.

Hope to be down at the NC meeting but have some family issues which take priority.

Best Regards